GOT7 Picks Which Members Are The Most Popular Among Male Fans + Explains Why

GOT7 appeared as guests on the April 29 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Jung Eun Ji’s Music Plaza.”

As GOT7’s promotions had overlapped with Apink’s last week, they exchanged friendly greetings and reminisced about GOT7 covering Apink’s “Mr. Chu” five years ago. Eun Ji commented, “To be honest, there weren’t a lot of people covering us then. We even took a picture to commemorate it.” Jackson made everyone laugh by adding, “I don’t know what I saw back then. I even added tumbling to that song. I think I was working really hard then.”

After making their debut in 2014, GOT7 are now in their seventh year of promotions. Youngjae shared, “Since our fans have always been with us but can’t now [due to social distancing], I think we, as well as our fans, are feeling regretful.”

Yugyeom commented, “It’s regretful that we can’t meet everyone after you waited so long for us and I hope to be able to meet you soon. We prepared this album thinking of you guys so please give all seven of us lots of love.” Mark added, “We were also preparing for our tour so please wait just a little bit.”

The group also picked which member was most popular amongst male fans, resulting in a tie between BamBam and JB.

Youngjae, who picked JB, explained, “JB typically has a lot of male fans calling for him.” JB responded, “I guess I have a lot of charms. I can’t really tell but I think male fans can relate to my manly aura.” Eun Ji cracked everyone up by commenting, “Since you’re so shameless, you would make a good DJ.”

For BamBam, the group explained, “He is known for being the most popular among our male fans. We think it’s because he’s soft and makes you want to protect him and become more like him.”

GOT7 is promoting their comeback with the album “DYE” and title track “Not By the Moon,” which recently won a trophy on “Show Champion.”

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