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If you need a break from the K-drama world and would like a bit of reality show action, then “Heart Signal 3” is definitely the one to watch. It’s got all the elements you get from a K-drama except that it’s all real. From romance, to love triangles, to jealousy, and heartbreak, “Heart Signal 3” will put your heart through a rollercoaster of emotions. And if you’re not convinced enough to watch it, here are five reasons that might make you interested!

Warning: minor spoilers for the show below.

1. The anticipation of figuring out who everyone is interested in

If you haven’t watched any of the previous seasons of “Heart Signal,” the premise is as follows: Six strangers live together in the same house for one month – with the addition of two somewhere in the show. At the end of every night, they are allowed to text message one person who made an impression on them that day. This text is anonymous and people are not allowed to reveal who they are (although, as time goes on, it gets a bit obvious).

The fun part about this is finding out who everyone is interested in. There’s something about figuring out if the subtle flirting and conversations are clues that they might be interested. It might not sound that exciting, but for some reason, you get so invested in these cast members and their love lives!

In “Heart Signal 3,” the interests are never what they seem, which makes it that much more exciting. You feel like you know who they like, but there are some twists and turns that make the watch pretty intense.

2. All the cast members

This season, there are eight cast members in total. Two of them are introduced later on, but the original six are charming and adorable in their own sense. From a veterinarian, to a female mechanic, to a guy who makes realistic animal sculptures, this cast is so darn lovable.

You really just want all of them to be happy and to find love. You want them all to end up with the person they want to end up with and the hope is that none of them have their hearts broken in the process. This obviously never happens, but you really can’t help but root for everyone.

3. The first date jitters

A few episodes into the show, there is a mission presented to the cast. It’s the first date mission. In this particular season, the women pick a card and it determines which guy they’re going on a date with, but they have no idea who the card is from. They are to show up at the date location, but the man is a mystery until the day of the date.

The best part about this particular date is that you really get to see the personality of the cast. Most of the time, they’re all really charming and it’s nice to see them open up so much on these dates. This is also the point where a lot of first impressions are changed and people start to actually develop some pretty strong feelings.

4. The new additions

Sometimes a little added drama makes a show so much more exciting to watch, which is definitely the case with “Heart Signal.” After the cast starts to develop some feelings and becomes a bit more acquainted with one another, there is a new addition. In this particular season, Kim Kang Yeol enters into the house at about episode five.

They nickname him “the lion” and judging by his aura and presence, he’s going to be a strong contender in winning the hearts of the women. There’s nothing like stirring the pot a bit when things start to get comfortable!

5. The panel

This season, there are several new members to the panel. There’s Yoon Shi Yoon, Han Hye Jin, and Block B’s P.O, who have all admitted to being fans of the show. They are to determine at the end of every episode who the cast members are interested in, and they also provide commentary and insight into the interaction between everyone in the house.

It’s hilarious to see everyone get so invested in these people’s lives. But moreso, it’s just nice to see the panel of celebrities understand why you’re so worked up about strangers’ love lives. They provide the voice of reason and help calm you down throughout the show when you need it. And believe me, you’ll need it!

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