9 Ways Oh My Girl Has Proven They're Concept Queens

Oh My Girl has been getting more and more attention recently, especially after they impressed viewers of “Queendom” with both their talent and their creativity, showcasing multiple concepts and styles. This versatile group has continued to wow us with their recent comeback “Nonstop,” which has topped charts with a chic concept that shows a whole new side of the group! But Oh My Girl has been bringing us unique concepts since their debut in 2015, and it’s well worth taking a dive into some of the various images they’ve brought over the years. The group has a knack for blending multiple genres to unexpected effect, infusing elements of horror into an otherwise innocent MV, or giving sexy or girly images a retro twist. Here are nine ways Oh My Girl has proven that they’re queens of concepts!

1. Heart-fluttering fantasy

Oh My Girl’s 2015 single “Closer” remains one of the hidden gems of K-pop, not just because it’s a gorgeous song but also because it’s one of the coolest concepts around! From a breathtakingly enchanted forest setting to a mysterious temple to the girls’ fluttering white dresses, the whole MV is one enchanting fairytale.


But the magic doesn’t stop there: when viewed from above, the choreography for “Closer” actually moves through the 12 zodiac signs! Below are two examples, but you can try to spot all 12 in the aerial dance video here.


2. Boho fairies

“Windy Day” feels a little like the cousin of “Closer,” as the girls don bohemian-style dresses and flit around forests and fields. The fairy-like settings and the girls’ mysterious antler headpieces give this boho concept a fantasy-like aura.

But the MV takes a cutely funny twist as the girls get totally windswept! It is called “Windy Day,” after all.


3. A tinge of fright

“Windy Day” is more than just fun frolicking, as the MV also has its creepy moments. When the girls get lost in a maze at night and are caught in the headlights on a dark road, this concept offers a touch of the eerie!


That’s not the only time Oh My Girl has turned towards horror, as the ladies embraced the sexier side of scary in their “Queendom” performance of their b-side “Twilight.” Complete with zombie backup dancers, dark lipstick, and fierce looks, the stage wowed viewers and earned them a win on the show for this challenge!


4. Inspired by tradition


Speaking of “Queendom,” Oh My Girl once again took our breath away with their traditional-inspired performance of Lovelyz’s “Destiny.” Their stunning hanbok-inspired outfits were complemented by the use of traditional Korean instruments in their version of the song, and of course, gorgeous choreo. You can also check out this performance of their track “Secret Garden” for some more colorful hanbok!

5. Different shades of youthful

Like many girl groups, Oh My Girl started out with a bright, youthful image in their debut track “Cupid.” And while they’ve returned to this classic girl group concept a few times, they constantly put new spins on it, like in the delightful rainbow mess of “Coloring Book“:


Or the summery vibes and bright outfits in “Bungee”:

6. Straight-up quirky

The girls have also made a foray into the downright wacky, with subgroup Oh My Girl BANHANA’s 2018 single “Banana Allergy Monkey.” It’s safari outfits, astronaut suits, pajama parties, and space travel, all in one MV.

And lest you think “Banana Allergy Monkey” is just straight silliness, the song’s lyrics are actually quite clever: they’re about liking people who are bad for you — hence, a monkey that keeps eating bananas even though it’s allergic to them!

7. Sexy, but keep it retro

Oh My Girl tends to incorporate retro elements into their style, and their concept for “Remember Me” managed to give even their sexier crop tops and skirts a retro, classy feel. Of course, the MV also included more obvious old-fashioned flair, like with Binnie’s styling below, or YooA’s gorgeous outfit in the music video thumbnail!

8. Purely feminine

From cute and bright to summery hot, Oh My Girl has shown us different sides of femininity over the years. Yet the stunning concept for their 2019 release “The Fifth Season” offers something slightly different: It’s a hybrid of fairytale, retro, and youthful elements that manages to be feminine yet not overtly girly. The ladies showcase their signature graceful ballet style between artsier and more fantastical scenes.


It’s truly Oh My Girl at their best, although we also recommend their more floral “Secret Garden” for a similar concept!

9. Cool girl chic

Finally, the girls revealed a new image yet again for their recent game-themed “Nonstop” MV, and from the choreo to the purple-pink color scheme (especially Mimi’s hair) to all these chic outfits, we’re loving it!


Of course, as we now know well, it’s impossible to put these girls in a box, and the “Nonstop” concept has hints of retro fashion and even a cowgirl theme thrown in. And Oh My Girl makes it all work together beautifully like the concept queens they are!

Hey Soompiers, what’s your favorite concept from Oh My Girl? Have you been loving their recent comeback “Nonstop”? Let us know in the comments!

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