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Hao surprised everyone with his outstanding memory and his unique reaction to the camera tents on “The Return of Superman”!

On the May 3 episode of the KBS reality show, Hao began his morning by waiting for the show’s staff to arrive at his home. He then visited each cameraman in his or her tent.

Children on the show have shown a wide variety of reactions to the camera tents in the past, including carefully visiting the cameramen inside, taking over a tent, or creating a new tent for the cameramen filming in their homes. Hao, however, added a new reaction to the list by removing the tent and unexpectedly exposing the camera director.

Hao then caught everyone off guard by looking through her stash of snacks and asking about the milk and bowl of cereal on the floor. When his father Gary said, “The camera director said that she’ll give you [the cereal] later if you return the tent,” Hao ran over to bring the tent back. He smiled when she handed him some chocolate cereal and denied his father’s claims that this was all a plan to win some snacks.

Hao also showed off his extraordinary memory skills while playing a game with his father. Gary said, “There were times when Hao recognized even the directors’ smallest changes, so I’m going to change some things around the house like a spot-the-difference game. I’m curious as to how many things he’ll notice.”

Hao saw that a camera director’s chair was outside and immediately went to her tent, only to see another camera director sitting inside. He then made everyone laugh by telling them to go back to their original places.

He also noticed a new mole on Gary’s face, a missing logo on Gary’s shirt, Gary’s different socks, a different straw in his carton of milk, a different colored cloth on top of the moving camera, a missing seatbelt on his indoor swing, and a different photo of himself on the wall. Hao even surprised his dad by pointing out the drawer knobs, which Gary had considered the most difficult challenge of the game.

Watch last week’s episode of “The Return of Superman” with English subtitles now!

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