Yoo Seung Ho Responds To Concern After YouTuber He Adopted Cats From Was Accused Of Abusing Animals

Yoo Seung Ho has responded after many people expressed concern about his cats.

It was announced by YouTuber gapsupasture last October that Yoo Seung Ho had adopted two kittens that the YouTuber had been fostering, named Gomi and Dori.

On May 7, students who attend the same veterinary university as gapsupasture accused of him of abusing cats by doing things such as starving them in order to increase views on his videos. Also, he became popular for being an animal lover who had “rescued” abandoned animals, but the students said that in reality he had purchased them from pet shops. This was reported on by Channel A’s “News A” that day.

After this, gapsupasture admitted to having purchased cats at pet shops but stated he did not starve them, and he strongly refuted their claims. The police plan to question gapsupasture.

In the accusations by the students, it was said that the two cats that Yoo Seung Ho adopted had also been starved by gapsupasture. Many people therefore voiced their concern.

On May 8, Yoo Seung Ho responded by sharing photos of his two cats and wrote the following:

I’m writing this post after much consideration because many people are worried. Simba and Autumn are doing well. I changed their names. Gomi is now Simba and Dori is Autumn. They are both eating well, digesting well, playing well, and doing well. Autumn has even overcome peritonitis. Even if you only give love to an animal its whole life, it’s not enough. Please do not think of animals as a means of making money.


Yoo Seung Ho has been well known since his days as a child actor, and his recent roles have been in works such as “My Strange Hero,” “I Am Not a Robot,” “Imaginary Cat,” and more. His latest drama “Memorist” wrapped up last month.

Watch the “Memorist” finale below:

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