NU'EST Shares Key Points Of New Album, Reveals Clever 1st Place Promise, And More

NU’EST has officially made their comeback!

On May 11, the group held an online showcase to celebrate the release of their eighth mini album “The Nocturne.” The album marks their first comeback since the release of their seventh mini album seven months ago.

Baekho said, “I’m both excited and nervous to release an album after such a long time. We worked really hard to show a different, more mature side of us.” Minhyun added, “Since it’s been seven months since our last comeback, I’m really excited to show everyone a different side of us. We paid special attention to our choreography and practiced a lot to show how much we’ve improved.”

“The Nocturne” is an album that offers a different perspective on the love story that NU’EST has previously told. It focuses on the common theme of nighttime, when people tend to become more reflective, and tells stories that anyone can relate to.

JR commented on the album’s theme, saying, “We wanted to do something that wasn’t our usual bright concept.” Aron gave fans the key points to look out for. “I hope everyone looks at the changes in our appearances, as well as our facial expressions,” he said.

The title track “I’m in Trouble” expresses the moment of powerful attraction between two people. The group changed up their look through their sophisticated and dramatic performance in the music video.

When asked about the best part of the music video, JR answered, “Personally, I think the best part is from the beginning all the way to the end.” Minhyun replied, “The members’ faces. I think you can feel a lot of different ‘night’s through our faces.” Aron also added, “Our cool choreography. I think our choreography is really impressive and sexy.”

JR said that he wanted to give night to the fans, explaining, “We’ll take responsibility for our fans’ nighttime with this album.”

In addition to the title track, the album boasts another five other tracks including “Moon Dance,” “Firework,” “Back To Me,” “Must,” which Ren and Baekho helped write, and “Shooting Star,” a song dedicated to their fans.

Ren wrote the lyrics to “Must” while thinking of his grandfather, who passed away in March. Baekho explained more about the writing process, commenting, “Ren wrote a letter to his grandfather about everything he wanted to tell him, and I turned that into lyrics. Since it’s a song that contains the members’ stories, I hope everyone will listen to it.”

The members also expressed their love towards their fans. “I can’t believe we’re already in our ninth year,” Aron said. “Our fans are our motivation. I want to give a big thank you to all of our fans who love us continuously.”

JR shared the same sentiment, saying, “Every moment I’ve spent with NU’EST these past years has been precious and meaningful. Whenever I feel tired, I look to our fans for motivation.”

NU’EST finished up by sharing their goals for the new album. Aron commented, “Our goal is to share our songs with lots of people. We want to create a performance that will satisfy and energize everyone who supports us.”

Ren followed up by saying, “We had no idea we’d have so much success with our previous album. I’m really thankful to everyone for giving us so much support. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t expect good results with this album.”

Ren also made a promise for if the song wins first place on music shows, saying, “Since the theme is ‘night,’ we’re going to crack chestnuts on stage.” This is a play on words as “bam” means both “night” and “chestnut” in Korean.

Check out the music video for “I’m in Trouble” here!

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