DAY6 Shares How They Overcome Hardships, Who The Jokester Of The Group Is, And More

DAY6 is back with their new mini album “The Book of Us: The Demon”!

On May 11, Melon Magazine shared an interview with the group, revealing the members’ thoughts on the new album and how they deal with the demons in their own lives.

The interviewer began by asking each member about the story that they’re trying to tell through the album. Sungjin described the album as expressing the imbalance that a demon can cause in one’s life. Wonpil also emphasized the concept of imbalance as he responded, “It’s like in ‘Day And Night,’ when one person gets closer then the other person takes a step back, and when my feelings grow then the other person’s feelings lessen. We wanted to make music that brings comfort to people stuck in that imbalance.”

Moving on to the title track “Zombie,” Young K noted that the song is one that everyone living in modern society can relate to. “To everyone who feels like each day is the same and that they’re living like a zombie, we wanted to send the message that they’re not alone in feeling this way,” he said.

The members also revealed which members cause the most mischief in the group. Sungjin, Jae, and Dowoon selected Wonpil, who agreed with their choice. He shared a funny anecdote, saying, “If Dowoon is watching a drama, even if it’s one I haven’t watched, I’ll come up to him and say ‘Oh, that guy is the culprit!’ I get up to a lot of other pranks too.” In addition, Young K also chose Dowoon as a member who jokes around a lot, explaining how he will suddenly open the door to a room and start dancing.

The members got serious again to discuss how they face and overcome their struggles.

Sungjin admitted, “I used to think and worry a lot like in our song ‘Afraid,’ but since there’s lots of times where it just gets harder for me, I’m working hard to calmly brush off my worries like our song ‘Stop.'”

Jae also brought up the track ‘Afraid’ as he answered, “I think my response is similar to our song ‘Afraid.’ It’s hard for me to fall asleep, so I’m thinking maybe it’s because I have a lot of worries.”

Young K said that while he can’t coolly shake off his worries, he’s not the type to stay stuck in his emotions. “I feel those unstable emotions thoroughly and think about what kind of problem I’m having, and what I need to do to overcome that hardship, and then I do my best to overcome it,” he explained.

Wonpil also admitted to not being the type to just brush off his worries. He went into detail by saying, “If I think I’ve done wrong to someone or hurt someone, then that day I’ll do a lot of reflecting before I go to sleep. I’ll tell myself, ‘I need to not do that next time.'”

Dowoon responded that there are times where he calmly brushes off his worries, while other times he worries a lot.

The members then took turns recommending tracks from the album. Sungjin and Young K selected the title track “Zombie,” Jae chose “Day and Night,” and Wonpil chose “Love me or Leave me,” adding that he would love to perform the track live.

They finished up the interview with sweet messages for their fans.

Young K commented, “I want to say thank you for supporting us even though you’re facing your own hardships. Since all we can do is provide you with good music and good performances, we’ll do our best to do just that. I hope that your lives are full of health and happiness.”

Dowoon added, “When you have good times, you’ll also have hard times, since your emotions are always going around and around. Hang in there, everyone!”

Don’t forget to check out DAY6’s new music video for “Zombie” here!

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