K-Pop GIFs That Perfectly Describe How We Spend Our Days During Lockdown

The past few months haven’t been easy for anyone. With COVID-19 putting the world on hold, people who have been forced to stay home have developed an exclusive “quarantine” daily routine, where they try to make the most of their day without being bored or going crazy.

Since K-pop brings comfort to many, and hoping that confinement would soon be put to an end, here are some K-pop GIFs to assure you that we are all (more or less) following a similar pattern in self-isolation!

Bake, cook, eat, repeat

This lockdown definitely has helped unlock a fair share of baking and cooking skills.


Bake it until you make it!


Chopping veggies is quarantine’s official sport!


Snacking is pretty much a duty at this point!

Sleeping habits

Sleeping in, waking up early, napping: There is something for everyone!


You’re either a heavy sleeper…


… or an early bird


Then again, a little nap from time to time can only do you good!

Pampering sessions

Remember all those times you couldn’t commit to a proper skincare routine? Now, you have all the time in the world to make the most of it!


Pat, pat, pat!


Meditation in these times of stress evidently finds a spot in your schedule.


*Chasing all the COVID-related negativity away*

Working out

Now that you’re stuck at home and can no longer make any gym excuses, you realize that all you need is a yoga mat, a fitness app or a YouTube channel, and the will to go through with it all.


Being on your phone all day long

Phone scrolling starter pack: fully charged phone, social media accounts, and plenty of time to kill!


*Like, like, comment, share*


Playing video games is definitely the best way to kill time!

Binge-watching… everything

K-dramas, western TV shows, documentaries…is there something you haven’t watched yet thus far?


Your watching preferences fighting over the remote in a nutshell


For some, the current situation has created an opportunity to reconcile with a forgotten novel or a new collection of their favorite authors.


You either get hooked…


… or you lose interest.

Shopping online

Skincare and beauty products, clothes, shoes…well, one must be prepared to look their best after all those endless PJ days and nights!


Current mood: “Add to cart”

Comfy wardrobe

Speaking of pajamas, now is the time to be grateful for all those cute PJs that we kept buying and stocking on impulse!


Staying home in style!

Studying/working from home

In case you were wondering: no, you’re not the only one studying and/or working in pajamas during lockdown.


One. Last. Homework/Report: hang in there!

Honestly, this quarantine schedule looks a bit like a list of resolutions that were long overdue. Thankfully, it happens to be a major silver lining in this case. Stay home and stay safe!


Which K-pop GIFs represent your quarantine routine? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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