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In an interview with OSEN, DAY6 opened up about the songwriting process behind their latest comeback song “Zombie,” the members’ happiest moments, and their biggest motivation.

When asked about the feeling of emptiness in the group’s music and image, DAY6 said, “The ‘demon’ in our new album represents an emotional imbalance, or a seesaw-like relationship where one person steps forward and the other grows farther away from them. As we focused on this imbalance, I think we came to naturally emphasize an atmosphere of emptiness.”

DAY6 talked about one of their most vivid memories from working on their song. The group explained, “During the time when we were writing the lyrics for ‘Zombie,’ I remember being in the car after finishing our activities and looking out the window at people’s expressions. I suddenly thought, ‘Aren’t we living the same day over and over again?’ It felt as if we were void of emotion and moving like machines. We were inspired by this sense of vacancy.”

The members mentioned what musical ideas they included for this comeback. “Because we write our own songs, it was inevitable that a lot of our musical ideas would be included in the album,” they said. “When we were recording the drums, we thought of a part that would fit well. We improvised then and there, and that part has been included in our song.”

The members also shared what they focused on for the “Zombie” music video. “We believe that the music video is what should visually express the song’s concept the best. We really focused on the empty feeling behind ‘Zombie’ by filming in a heavy and quiet manner,” they said.

As writers, composers, singers, and instrumentalists of their own music, the DAY6 members revealed their happiest and hardest moments. “It’s too difficult to choose just one moment,” they said. “Every job has its pros and cons. However, we are the happiest when we are on stage and performing together, especially when we are truly communicating with our audience and realizing that we are all experiencing the same emotions.”

Next, the group talked about their biggest source of motivation. “It’s the fans who support and love us so that we can perform good music,” they said. We have been able to grow because of our fans. Besides that, we would also say our musical ambition.”

Lastly, DAY6 thanked their fans. “We know too well that they have waited a long time for our comeback,” they said.  “We are very sorry and regretful that we cannot promote this time. But we have worked hard on our music, so we would be thankful if you listened to it with lots of love. We will work hard until the day we’re singing and together again with [our fans] My Day in a concert venue.”

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