BTS Shares Ideas For Concept And Message Of New Album During Live Group Meeting

BTS shared a recent album brainstorming meeting with fans.

Through their BANGTANTV YouTube channel on May 11, BTS aired a group meeting live, during which the members discussed ideas for the concept and message of their next album.

BTS’s Jimin, who announced in a previous video that he is the project manager for the upcoming album, asked the members to share their ideas for the album’s topic, music style, group songs, and more.

Suga said, “I’d like for the album to not be very dark. Rather than explicit comfort, I’d like it if we could offer a more metaphorical message like ‘Spring Day’ to give hope to everyone.”

RM added, “I want to include the message that no matter what’s going on in the outside world, our lives go on.”

Jimin, mentioning the current pandemic situation, said he’d like it if they could find an easy-going, fun way to express thanks for the things that usually get taken for granted.

RM said, “I was speaking to a friend about what people might want to hear, and we started talking about telepathy. If you look on WeVerse or Twitter, there are a lot of people who are upset that our concerts were canceled. How great would it be if we could relay how we feel without having to say anything? I think the seven years we’ve spent together and the looks we exchange during concerts are our telepathy.”

Suga shared his idea for each song in the album to be like a letter. “Yesterday, I opened a book, and a note fell out of it. It popped out, and in that moment, I just stared at it. I’d like it if the keyword [for our album] was letters. I think it’d be fun if each song was a letter and we wrote about a variety of things. Not addressed to any specific person or group, but something that everyone can relate to.”

Jin said, “If we talk about hard times and good times with friends, we all have different experiences, but we can empathize. What if we wrote about empathy?”

Jungkook added, “I’d like it we also had a song that’s stress-relieving.”

J-Hope expressed that he’d like to include a song that shows BTS’s style. “I’d like it if we had at least one song that was ‘BTS-like.'”

V mentioned their song “So What” and said he’d also like to have a song that’s really hype and upbeat.

BTS went on to discuss unit tracks, and wrapped up the meeting after deciding the members would each flesh out their ideas and send them to Jimin.

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