NU'EST Talks About Staying Together For 9 Years, Being Starstruck, And More

On May 12, NU’EST appeared as guests on the MBC radio show “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon.”

NU’EST debuted in 2012, which means that the group is now in their ninth year together. (They celebrated their eighth debut anniversary in March.) DJ Kim Shin Young said, “How is NU’EST in their ninth year already? I’ve been watching you since your debut, but it’s been nine years already.”

JR said that “conflict” was the secret to their nine-year relationship. He said, “We’ve been together since a young age. We fought a lot, over things big and small. We fought so much that we don’t have anything to fight over anymore.”

Minhyun said, “When we first debuted, we would fight over what food to order. At that time, there was food that we couldn’t eat even if we wanted to. That’s why we fought a bit over that.”

Kim Shin Young observed that it was difficult for five people to like the same foods and asked if they each ordered their own food now. JR said, “I think that we’re much more unified now.”

Baekho said, “These days, we’re like, ‘Jonghyun [JR], what are you going to eat?’ ‘I’ll have whatever Minki [Ren] is having.'” Kim Shin Young commented, “You’re relaxed now that you’re in your ninth year together.”

NU’EST was also asked if they had ever been starstruck by a celebrity. Ren said, “There was a celebrity who surprised me with their force. That was CL. She was wearing leopard print and heels and just passed by me, but I could feel her aura. She was like a pop star.”

Minhyun said, “I recently went to a film screening and saw Jung Woo Sung. It was hard to believe he was human. The elevator was crowded, but he shone like a light. If anyone has seen him in person, they’ll know what I’m talking about.”

NU’EST made their comeback on May 11 with the album “The Nocturne” and title track “I’m in Trouble.” Check out the music video here!

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