Watch: Lee Joo Young Is A Genius Baseball Player With A Powerful Pitch In Upcoming Film

Lee Joo Young transformed into a talented baseball player for the trailer of her new film “Baseball Girl”!

The upcoming film will be about Joo Soo In (Lee Joo Young) who dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. The story tells of the struggle she faces in order to overcome the challenges of reality.

Joo Soo In has been put under the spotlight and called the “genius baseball girl” for her ability to pitch at a maximum speed of 134 kilometers per hour (83 miles per hour) while adding a lot of rotation to the ball. After graduating high school, she dreams of joining a professional team to continue playing baseball, but she isn’t given an opportunity to be evaluated on her own merits simply because she’s a woman. However, a big change occurs when the new coach Jin Tae (Lee Joon Hyuk) joins Joo Soo In’s baseball team.

In the trailer for the upcoming film, Joo Soo In is surrounded by the voices of her coach, mother, and friends who don’t believe she can make her dream come true. Although she practices harder than anyone else, the voices in the background say, “How did a girl come to join the high school baseball team?” “What are you going to do after you graduate school? Do you have a plan?” “Wake up. Do you really think they’ll call you?” “Going pro is easy to say, but it’s not that easy to do,” and “If you can’t do it, give up quickly. It’s not embarrassing to do so.”

In response to the disbelievers, Joo Soo In pitches with all her might and says, “How can people know my future? Even I don’t know it. I can’t give up without trying.”

“Baseball Girl” was recently invited to the 24th Busan International Film Festival, and Lee Joo Young also won the Independent Actor Award at the 45th Seoul Independent Film Festival.

“Baseball Girl” will premiere in June. Watch the trailer below!

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