Lee Jin Hyuk Posts Apology After Controversy Over Live Broadcast

UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk has written an apology after a recent controversy.

Lee Jin Hyuk recently made his acting debut in the drama “Find Me in Your Memory.” On April 30, two of his co-stars, Kim Seul Gi and Moon Ga Young, held a live broadcast on Instagram as part of the drama’s promotions. Lee Jin Hyuk left a few comments as he watched, and Kim Seul Gi, who acted in a couple with Lee Jin Hyuk in the show, said to him, “See you later, darling!” The word “darling” that she said is often used between people in a romantic relationship, fitting with their characters in the show.

It’s reported that some of Lee Jin Hyuk’s fans criticized Kim Seul Gi for saying this and posted malicious comments about her.

During his own Instagram live broadcast on May 8, Lee Jin Hyuk addressed the matter and said that he hadn’t been watching when she had called him “darling.” He continued, “She also apologized to me. She said that she hadn’t known she’d say that, that she’d been in the middle of filming, and that she was very sorry.” He said, “I decided to just let it go.”

A fan commented that it would be tiring for a star to pay attention to that kind of thing. He responded, “Aside from that, the reason I’m upset is that fans are fighting among themselves. It’s my first drama and my debut project, and I don’t want this drama to be remembered negatively by myself and my fans.”

The news outlet Herald Pop writes that while the overreaction from some fans was an issue, it was also perceived by some people that Lee Jin Hyuk had portrayed it as Kim Seul Gi’s fault alone. Top Star News reports that there has been criticism over Lee Jin Hyuk’s other comments during the broadcast, such as “What are you guys going to do if I take a lead role?” and “I came to scold you because you’re all fighting.” At the same time, some fans have said that since he made those comments with a laugh, they took them as jokes.

On top of this, it’s reported by several outlets that he is also being criticized over his attitude in the broadcast, with some people saying he seemed arrogant or angry.

On May 13, Lee Jin Hyuk posted a letter on Instagram in which he apologized and also shared his gratitude towards the cast and crew of the drama.

His letter is as follows:

Hello. This is Lee Jin Hyuk.
After receiving a lot of love from viewers, ‘Find Me in Your Memory’ has ended.
Before I express my thanks, I want to apologize for causing concern because of my inadequate words and actions.
I am sincerely reflecting over the way I acted in my live broadcast. I want to apologize to all the drama staff who must have felt uncomfortable when they saw my live broadcast and to all the viewers who loved the drama. I sincerely apologize to Kim Seul Gi who may have been hurt by my inconsiderate words and actions, to the drama staff, and to fans. I will engrave what you said in my mind and try hard to not disappoint you again with my actions in the future. I will apologize once again. I’m sorry.
My debut drama ‘Find Me in Your Memory’ ended today. I hadn’t wanted the filming to end but it wrapped up before I knew it, and the drama I loved came to an end, so I am left with just a feeling of sadness.
I express my thanks to Directors Oh Hyun Jong and Lee Soo Hyun, who used laughter and a positive energy as they guided me, who is a lacking and stammering rookie. I also want to express my sincere gratitude to the many senior actors who cherished me and generously gave advice. In the future, no matter where I go, I will never forget everything that the directors and senior actors taught me.
Also, thank you to the viewers who loved the character Jo Il Kwon. Since he was the first character who came to Lee Jin Hyuk as an actor, I really wanted to do well, and I acted while hoping that the viewers would feel that.
I will continue to work hard so that I can present you with a good image. Thank you for watching ‘Find Me in Your Memory.’


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