Watch: Former Wonder Girls Members Yubin And Hyerim Perform

2AM’s Jo Kwon, BTOB’s Eunkwang, and former Wonder Girls members Yubin and Hyerim had a blast on MBC every1’s “Let Us Take Your Order” (literal title).

On the May 18 episode of the fishing variety show, the idols visited the seafood shop run by Joo Sang Wook, Jo Jae Yoon, Yang Kyung Won, and Yoo Su Bin.

Jo Kwon ordered yellowtail amberjack, but Jo Jae Yoon told him, “The yellowtail amberjack bit the bait, but I couldn’t catch it. I only hurt my arm while trying to catch it.” The customers reacted with disappointment and concern for Jo Jae Yoon’s arm.

Yubin and Hyerim congratulated Eunkwang for his military discharge, and the BTOB member, in turn, congratulated Yubin on establishing her own agency and Hyerim on joining the agency.

In order to make up for the lack of yellowtail amberjack, Jo Jae Yoon offered sea squirt and sea cucumber, while Joo Sang Wook prepared sea bass. Introducing Yoo Su Bin, Jo Jae Yoon said, “The hall manager is a huge fan of Wonder Girls.” Yoo Su Bin appeared shy at first but then began dancing to Wonder Girls’s “Tell Me” on the spot. Yubin and Hyerim reacted with surprise, commenting, “Did you train to become an idol? You’re so good at dancing.”

Yoo Su Bin shyly returned to the kitchen, but Yubin and Hyerim invited him to sit down at their table. He replied, “I don’t think I can join you alone,” but his other cast members reassured him and told him to go ahead. When the actor sat down, Yubin asked him who he was a fan of. Yoo Su Bin replied, “I liked all of the members,” before confessing Yubin was his bias.

Yang Kyung Won then brought out the green onion kimchi that he made, and the guests all commented that this was the most delicious dish. The actor proudly replied, “It’s because the green onion is delicious.”

A live band performance began during the meal, and the four guests showcased their skills with various performances. Eunkwang and Jo Kwon sang a duet to 2AM’s “This Song” (literal title), while Hyerim, Yubin, and Yoo Su Bin performed Wonder Girls’s “Tell Me.”

Check out the performances below:

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