Sandara Park Talks About Her Youthful Appearance, Her First Musical, And More

On May 20, Sandara Park sat down for an interview on the SBS entertainment news show “E-news Exclusive.”

Sandara Park is currently starring in the musical “Another Oh Hae Young,” based on the 2016 drama of the same name. She said, “This is my first musical. Ock Joo Hyun and Bada helped me out a lot. As a singer onstage, you have an earpiece, but musicals don’t have anything like that. I asked the unnis for tips and they told me to buy the sound director coffee. The sound directors liked it and joked that they would put me first.”

Asked about the secret behind her youthful appearance, she joked, “I eat a lot of preservatives. I eat a lot of ramyun and fast food, so my friends say that that must be my secret.”

Sandara Park also shared that she enjoyed drumming as a hobby. “I started playing it after I was impressed by a scene from a drama when I was young. People around me told me, ‘You think you can play drums with your level of strength?’, but it suited me really well. This is my third year learning how to play.”

Check out the full interview in the latest episode of “E-news Exclusive” below!

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