Listen: Stray Kids’ Seungmin (AKA My Day’s President) Shares Gorgeous Cover Of DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful”

Stray Kids’ Seungmin released a cover of DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful“!

Seungmin is known as a huge fan of his JYP labelmates DAY6, to the point that fans call him the president of DAY6’s fan club My Day.

On May 23, he surprised everyone with a cover of the band’s popular song “You Were Beautiful”! He wrote about his cover in a post on Instagram, which reads:

It’s Seungmin!!!
You were really surprised, right?!

This time, I covered a song by DAY6, whom I really respect!

This is a song that I’ve kept on my playlist for a long time, and I listen to it often. I’ve always wanted to do a proper cover of it and give it to [our fans] Stay, and I made up my mind and thought ‘I’d better sing it!’ so I practiced hard and worked on it while feeling nervous.

It was very difficult to convey the song because it features the voices and feelings of such great people, and my cover is very lacking compared to the original, but I tried to sing each and every note with my own unique emotions!

While I was recording this song, I once again learned and felt a lot, and I strengthened my feelings about singing once more.

Please listen to it a lot!

Thank you.

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