Watch: TXT Reacts To Their Own MV For

TXT has shared a fun reaction video for their new “Can’t You See Me?” music video!

On May 23, TXT posted a clip of themselves watching their latest music video for the very first time. The clip begins with Soobin explaining that they are watching the video the day before its official release, while Huening Kai and Yeonjun share a nervous hug as they express their excitement at finally seeing how the music video turned out.

Throughout the clip, the TXT members react with awe, embarrassment, giddy laughter, and excited screaming as they watch themselves on screen. Towards the beginning of the “Can’t You See Me?” music video, when the other four members show up at his house, Soobin jokingly yells, “Don’t come inside!” Later, when tomatoes make their first appearance in the video, Beomgyu covers his nose and laughs, “I can already smell [the ketchup].”

After watching the music video, Taehyun brings up the scene in which four of the members grab their own hair and shake their heads violently while Yeonjun sits calmly in the middle. Yeonjun recalls, “It sounded like there were monkey noises coming from all sides, so I kept bursting into laughter. I couldn’t focus on my acting.”

Huening Kai chimes in, “The director told us to yell while we were acting it out, but because our yelling was so funny, we ended up filming it without yelling.” Taehyun adds with a laugh, “At first, he told us to do it quickly, but then he asked us to do it slowly,” prompting the members to hilariously reenact their slowed-down movements.

Echoing Beomgyu’s comment from earlier, Yeonjun remarks, “Watching this, I feel like I can smell the ketchup again.”

Soobin remarks, “I think this is really different from the music videos we’ve released up until now,” and Beomgyu agrees, “It’s completely different from when we did [‘CROWN‘].” Taehyun comments, “It’s not choreography-focused or aesthetics-focused, but story-focused instead. Maybe it’s because I know the story, but I feel like it does a really good job telling the story clearly.” Beomgyu adds, “But it still managed to include both [choreography and aesthetics] as well.”

Check out TXT’s reaction to their “Can’t You See Me?” music video below!

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