Park Sun Ho Talks About “Rugal” + Giving Acting Advice To “Produce X 101” Friends Lee Jin Hyuk + Kim Min Kyu

In a newly published interview, Park Sun Ho shared his thoughts after wrapping up his OCN drama “Rugal”!

The actor recently starred in the sci-fi thriller as Rugal’s youngest member, Lee Kwang Chul, who possessed a body with special abilities created through biotechnology. Looking back at his experience filming his first action drama, Park Sun Ho humbly remarked, “I do feel a bit regretful about my acting, but I was able to gain so much experience, and I’m grateful for the time [I spent filming ‘Rugal’].”

Park Sun Ho also shared that the drama’s cast had created a fun atmosphere on set, recalling, “After we became a team, we laughed, chatted, sweat, and got emotional together, and we shared a cheerful energy with one another. We were able to find strength in an atmosphere with happy vibes.”

When asked to name the scene in “Rugal” that he found most memorable, Park Sun Ho named his confrontation with Park Sung Woong’s character, Hwang Deuk Goo.

Park Sun Ho explained, “During rehearsal, Park Sung Woong spoke in a relaxed tone of voice while acting, but once we actually began filming, he yelled loudly and even banged his head in order to convey his emotion. I was momentarily overcome with shock, but I tried not to back down, to show that Kwang Chul could hold his own. Later, I found out that [Park Sung Woong] intentionally held back during rehearsal in order to bring out my real, uncalculated acting [during filming].”

“After filming that scene,” he went on, “my legs were shaking. It wasn’t easy, but it’s the scene that stands out most in my memory.”

Before filming “Rugal,” Park Sun Ho—who spent many years training to become an idol before debuting as an actor—competed on Mnet’s “Produce X 101.” Describing it as an experience he’ll always remember, the actor remarked, “Even though I wasn’t able to achieve my dream of becoming a singer through ‘Produce X 101,’ I was able to sate my longing [for it]. After getting rid of that lump in my heart, I was able to truly feel how precious acting is to me.”

He added, “I think it’d be nice to show my singing and dancing to my fans in the future.”

Park Sun Ho also shared that he has maintained his friendships with some of his fellow contestants. “Even now, my bond with the friends I made during ‘Produce X 101’ is still going strong,” he said. “In particular, because [Kim] Min Kyu and [Lee] Jin Hyuk were making their acting debuts, I gave them some tips about filming sets.”

The actor went on to praise both Kim Min Kyu and Lee Jin Hyuk for their work ethic, adding, “Since they’re both such hard-working and upstanding kids, I wasn’t worried at all about their acting debuts.”

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