SHINee Celebrates Their 12th Debut Anniversary With Handwritten Messages To Fans

SHINee celebrated the 12th anniversary of their debut on May 25!

SHINee made their debut under SM Entertainment on May 25, 2008 with “Replay.” Members Onew, Minho, and Key are currently in the military, with Onew set to be discharged on July 18. Key is scheduled to be discharged on October 7, while Minho will follow on November 15. Taemin is currently promoting as a member of SM Entertainment’s project group SuperM, and also has plans to comeback with a new solo album.

On May 25, the group uploaded handwritten messages on their official online fan community space in Lysn to celebrate the special day.

Onew, the group’s leader, wrote, “12 years! Those of you who have stayed together with us for 12 years are so full of love! I’m so thankful and I love you.”

Taemin wrote, “Although I’m the only one who’s promoting right now, we’ll reunite and promote together soon! You all might be living your own lives now, but I hope that you will always keep a spot open for SHINee. I always say this, but the more time passes the more I realize just how thankful I am for your love and trust! I love you, and thank you for gifting SHINee and me with a life where we can receive so much love.”

Minho wrote, “This is Marine Corporal Choi Minho! Our precious 12th year. I want to stay tied together with you all through this miraculous string. I’m always so thankful. I miss you a lot and I love you. Also, your health is most important, so make sure it’s always your first and your second priority! I miss you so much! Congratulations for SHINee Day. Salute!”

Key’s message reads, “I can’t believe we’ve already spent this much time together!I have no idea how often I’ve thought that I’m so relieved and thankful that I ended up dancing and singing! I hope everyone stays healthy, and let’s look forward to the coming days! With love, Key.”

The group’s official Twitter account also uploaded a picture with various hashtags to celebrate the anniversary, and SM Entertainment posted a touching video on YouTube titled “Dozen of Years with SHINee – SHINee 12th Anniversary” featuring scenes from the group’s concerts.

In addition, Key took to Instagram to post a personal thank-you message to the fans, along with an old video of Minho and Jonghyun playing rock, paper, scissors. Key wrote, “A dozen years of SHINee. I know it means a lot to you and us. It’s been 12 years since we started to promote under this name that makes my heart flutter when I hear it. It’s all thanks to the love and support of many people. There hasn’t been a single moment that I want to go back to because I’ve been living with so much excitement and anticipation, and I know I’ll continue to live that way. Today of all days! Shall we remember the past days that made today the most precious? I love you so much. Key.”

Happy anniversary to SHINee!

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