Former PRISTIN Member Xiyeon Announces Acting Debut

Former PRISTIN member Xiyeon will be making her acting debut!

On May 25, Top Star News reported that Xiyeon was cast in an independent film.

Xiyeon, who turned 20 years old this year, first appeared on the first season of “Produce 101” as a PLEDIS Entertainment trainee. She finished in 25th place and made her debut as a member of PRISTIN in 2017. The group officially disbanded in May 2019 and Xiyeon left the agency.

The news of her acting debut was first made known after the president of a coffee truck company personally sent her a coffee truck to set to show their support.

Following the initial reports, Xiyeon confirmed the news with her fans on her Instagram account.

She uploaded a photo of her script with the caption, “Hello, this is Park Xiyeon. First off, I apologize for initially relaying this news through reports. While settling promotion plans with the film team, the news surprisingly came out. I will now be taking one step towards you all as an actress! My first project as Park Xiyeon is the independent film ‘Sillim Man and Woman’ (tentative title)! Although I’ve taken on a huge role as the lead in my first project, I had so much fun and have waited so long for these moments. In the future, I will greet you all with diligent promotions as actress Park Xiyeon. Thank you!”

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While former PRISTIN members Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Yaebin, and Eunwoo re-debuted as HINAPIA and some of the other members are pursuing solo endeavors, this is Xiyeon’s first promotion since PRISTIN’s disbandment.

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