ONEWE Talks About Their First Studio Album, Support From RBW Labelmates, And More

On May 26, ONEWE made a comeback with their first studio album “ONE” and title track “End of Spring.”

In an interview released through RBW Entertainment, ONEWE talked about the production process behind their first full-length album, getting support from labelmates like MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and ONEUS, and producing their own music.

ONEWE credited their label’s co-founder and producer, Kim Do Hoon, with teaching them about producing music. Harin said, “When Kim Do Hoon works on music, he asks us for our input. He tells us to express everything we want to do. I think that helped us mature as musicians.”

Kanghyun said, “When you make music, you can get caught up in your own world and not be able to objectively judge whether it’s good or bad. [Kim Do Hoon] advised us, ‘It’s more helpful to get help from people who just listen to music than people who make music. If you have trouble judging your own music, ask the people around you to listen to it.”

About the support they received from their RBW labelmates, ONEWE said, “MAMAMOO’s Hwasa told us to grow as tall as possible.” CyA added, “We worked together on the song ‘Q,’ but we’re both quite shy. She took the lead and gave us ideas and suggestions. As a producer, I felt happy that she was so invested in the project. If we ever get junior labelmates, I want to help them like that. I learned a lot from Hwasa.”

Dongmyeong added, “We want to be like MAMAMOO. Recently, Solar gave us shoes as presents, and Hwasa bought us coffee and pizza on our music video set. Moonbyul and Wheein also tell us that they like our music when we pass them at the agency.”

Yonghoon said, “When Solar released the song, ‘Where the Wind Blows,’ I did the whistling part. I also did the whistling part for ONEUS’ ‘A Song Written Easily.’ I didn’t know that it was ONEUS’ song at first. I got a cramp during recording. When I record the chorus, it takes about an hour and a half, but I spent two hours whistling. But it turned out well, and I think it became an important part of the song.”

Harin said, “ONEUS made a cameo appearance in our music video.” Yonghoon added, “They also prepared a surprise for our first studio album. The agency staff suddenly told us to gather round and ONEUS had prepared a cake for us.”

Kanghyun said, “We’re watching them on ‘Road to Kingdom’ now. We have a group chat and we send each other photos to prove we’re watching.”

ONEWE also shared that their album was based around the theme of summer. Kanghyun said, “I hope that we can launch the start of summer. I hope that the COVID-19 situation gets better soon.”

Yonghoon said, “This is our first studio album. We had a lot of affection for this project, so we worked really hard on it. We’ll also work hard on the promotions, so please look forward to it and show it a lot of love.” Dongmyeong said, “These days, people don’t listen to the b-side tracks on an album. It’s disappointing. You can say that our album is full of title tracks, so I really want people to listen to each and every song.”

Harin said, “This is the first button in a long series. This is the start. I want to show ONEWE’s color more clearly to the public and to our fans.”

Check out ONEWE’s music video for “End of Spring” below!

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