Kim Woo Seok Talks About 1st Place Promise, Role Model, Dream Variety Show Appearance, And More

After making his solo debut, UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok appeared as a guest on the May 26 episode of “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon”!

DJ Kim Shin Young talked about how “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” host Lee Kyung Kyu had liked Kim Woo Seok so much that the soloist had gone on to film with him on “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” and “Dogs Are Incredible.”

“He always takes such good care of me,” said Kim Woo Seok. “I thought that he just always made people feel comfortable like that, but the writer and director told me that it’s very rare. He jokingly said that he likes me because I’m quiet and don’t talk a lot so it seems like we finish things up quickly.”

Kim Woo Seok tried many concepts for his new album, and he shared, “Personally, I like the pure concept the most. I like it when people say that they prefer pure over sexy.”

Kim Shin Young asked him to describe his first place promise, and he shared, “It would be good if I came in first, but I haven’t made a first place promise yet. There are a lot of sides of myself that I want to show, and even if I don’t come in first, I want to show many sides of myself.”

The DJ therefore turned to listeners for recommendations. Kim Woo Seok said, “I think I could easily do something like wearing a gat (traditional hat) and traditional clothing to record a dance practice video, or doing a set of three cute gestures.”

During a speed Q&A portion of the show, Kim Woo Seok named kimchi stew as the food he’d choose if he could only eat one thing his whole life. He also said his role model is singer Park Hyo Shin. “When I was in middle and high school, I’d wait for his songs to come out,” he said. “I’d also order late night snacks with my friends and we’d watch full concerts together.”

Kim Shin Young asked him to name an idol he thinks is really handsome, and Kim Woo Seok said BTS’s V. “He’s so handsome, really,” he said.

During the speed Q&A, Kim Woo Seok also shared that a commercial he’d like to film would be one for soju. When asked what variety show he’d like to go on, he named the KBS2 reality show “The Return of Superman.”

Kim Woo Seok debuted as a soloist on May 25 with his mini album “1ST DESIRE [GREED]” and the title track “Red Moon.”

Would you like to watch Kim Woo Seok on “The Return of Superman”? Check out the show below!

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