Park Hae Jin And Kim Eung Soo Run Into An Unexpected Predicament In “Kkondae Intern”

MBC’s “Kkondae Intern” released new stills of Park Hae Jin and Kim Eung Soo!

“Kkondae Intern” is an office comedy about a man who finally gets sweet revenge on a former boss who once made his life miserable. Park Hae Jin stars as Ga Yeol Chan, who becomes the head of the marketing team at Jun Su Foods after moving up the corporate ladder at lightning speed. Kim Eung Soo stars as Lee Man Shik, Ga Yeol Chan’s boss at his former company but now his subordinate at Jun Su Foods.


Previously, Lee Man Shik joined Jun Su Foods as a senior intern under Ga Yeol Chan, and Lee Man Shik made viewers laugh with the rude plan he carried out during a meeting with important buyers from China.

In the newly released stills, Lee Man Shik and Ga Yeol Chan are surrounded by a completely different atmosphere from the one they’ve shown in the past. Ga Yeol Chan looks serious while staring at something, and Lee Man Shik is kneeling down on his knees. Furthermore, another picture shows the two sitting closely side-by-side while huddling under thin blankets.

The recent preview for the upcoming episode teased Ga Yeol Chan and Lee Man Shik’s meeting with top actress Eun Hye Soo (Jung Young Joo). Since the two appear to be on the set of a drama, viewers are curious to discover what story will unfold as they meet the actress.

The next episode of “Kkondae Intern” airs on May 27 at 8:55 p.m. KST.

Catch the latest episode below:

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