Lee Dong Gun In Talks To Return To Big Screen After 13 Years Away

Lee Dong Gun could soon be back on the big screen, for the first time in 13 years.

On May 28, Star News reported that Lee Dong Gun has been cast in the upcoming film “Come Back Home” (working title). The movie tells the story of a man who is searching for his kidnapped child. The character is described as someone who became the head of a household at a young age.

It was reported earlier this year by the same outlet that Kim Young Kwang had been cast in the role of the man who is searching for his child, although the report was not confirmed by his agency. The May 28 report from Star News states that Lee Dong Gun and Kim Young Kwang will be playing two characters that face off in the film.

Later that day, FNC Entertainment told MyDaily, “Lee Dong Gun has received an offer for the film ‘Come Back Home’ and he’s in talks.” They clarified, “It’s not currently at a stage where we could say whether or not he’ll be acting in the film.”

If Lee Dong Gun does take the role, this will be his first film to hit theaters since the 2007 movie “Love Now.” He filmed a Korean-Chinese movie titled “Encounter” in 2015 with T-ara’s Jiyeon, but it was not released in theaters.

“Come Back Home” is directed by Kim Tae Yong, who has created films including “Set Me Free” and “Misbehavior.” It’s planned to begin filming this summer.

The news about Lee Dong Gun considering this role came on the same day as the announcement of his divorce after three years of marriage to Jo Yoon Hee.

Lee Dong Gun’s recent dramas have included “Sketch,” “Where Stars Land,” “Angel’s Last Mission: Love,” and “Leverage.”

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