Watch: Yulhee Shares Her 1st Impression Of FTISLAND’s Minhwan, Talks About Their Marriage, And More

Yulhee recently held a Q&A to celebrate the one month anniversary of her YouTube channel!

In her video, Yulhee answered questions about her daily life and her thoughts about marriage. She received a comment that said, “Minhwan, treat Yulhee well.” Yulhee sweetly responded by asking fans to also compliment Minhwan as well, since he treated her very well. She shared that it was to the point that she thought she should take better care of him after seeing him coming home and leaving for work for his military service.

Yulhee also addressed fans’ concerns of wanting to see more of Yulhee’s life rather than her life as someone’s wife or mother. She replied that she would also try to share more moments of her daily life through upcoming videos, and she expressed her gratitude for fans who sent her kind comments during the difficult times in her pregnancy.

Furthermore, Yulhee touched upon the abundance of English comments, adding in that it was a shame she couldn’t speak English that well. She added, “When I’m really curious about the long comments, I read it by copying it and running it through a translator.”

During breaks, Yulhee said that she and Minhwan enjoy eating late night snacks. She revealed, “I once told Minhwan, ‘I’m really depressed these days,’ and he replied, ‘Maybe it’s because we haven’t had time to talk a lot these days.'” Although she initially denied that was the reason, she shared that she felt much better once she had food and time to talk with Minhwan the next day.

For future content for her YouTube channel, Yulhee teased that she might be releasing a dance cover soon. She also expressed that she loved the idea of continuing the 24-hour parenting vlog since Minhwan could take a more active part in parenting these days.

On her thoughts about marriage, Yulhee revealed that she had wanted to get married early since a young age. Although she thought that it would be difficult to do so after joining a girl group, she began to nurture that dream again after meeting Minhwan. She shared, “My first impression of Minhwan is from when we met early on at the Han River inside a car. I only remember one thing from that night and that’s, ‘Wow, his nose is really pretty.'”

Yulhee also shared that a positive aspect of marriage is having a family who supports her and having someone to support. She explained that the two moments she feels the most happy during her marriage is when she sees her children and when she sees Minhwan sleeping.

Finally, Yulhee also revealed that she told the news of her pregnancy first to her younger sister, who was excited to become an aunt. She added that Minhwan was also very supportive during the process of telling her parents. Wrapping up, Yulhee expressed her desire to answer more questions from the fans in the future.

Watch the full video below:

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