Watch: NCT 127 Takes 3rd Win For “Punch” On “Music Core” + gugudan’s Mina Shares Tearful Farewell As She Steps Down As MC

The May 30 episode of MBC’s “Music Core” had IU’s “eight,” featuring and produced by BTS’s Suga up against NCT 127’s “Punch” and Oh My Girl’s “Nonstop.” Oh My Girl came in third place with 5,165 points and IU came in second place with 7,831 points.

NCT 127 took home the win with a score of 9,374 points, making this their third win for “Punch.”

Congratulations to NCT 127! Check out their performance of “The Final Round” and “Punch” below:

The episode was also the last day of gugudan’s Mina being the MC for “Music Core.” She said, “First of all, I’d like to thank the viewers who made every Saturday shine. To our ‘Music Core’ family, who have always been so warm to me to the point where I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be able to receive this much love anywhere else, I love you so much.”

Mina couldn’t hold back her tears as she continued, “These moments have been such a gift to me, I hope they were a gift to many other people.” She also thanked her fellow MCs Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and SF9’s Chani, as well as NCT’s Mark, who was her former co-MC on the show, and hoped that people will continue to show all of them love. She showed her love for “Music Core” till the end, reminding viewers to tune in every Saturday to watch the show.

The day also featured performances by MONSTA X, UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok, Park Ji Hoon, ONEWE, Yubin, Lovelyz’s Sujeong, GWSN, BVNDIT, OnlyOneOf, Natty, woo!ah!, SECRET NUMBER, Lee Dae Won, Jo Myeong Seop, and Jung Da Kyung.

Check out the performances below!

Jung Da Kyung – “A Story of a Couple in Their 60s”

woo!ah! – “woo!ah!”

Natty – “Nineteen”


Lee Dae Won – “Champion”

BVNDIT – “Jungle”

ONEWE – “End of Spring”

Jo Myeong Seop – “When the Flowers Bloom and the Birds Cry”

OnlyOneOf – “angel”

Park Ji Hoon – “Driving” + “Wing”

GWSN – “Wonderboy, the Aerialist”

Sujeong – “Tiger Eyes”

Kim Woo Seok – “Red Moon”

Yubin – “yaya (ME TIME)”


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