Former T-ara Member Han Areum Announces Birth Of First Child

Han Areum has announced the birth of her first child!

On June 1, Han Areum took to her personal Instagram account to share adorable photos of her newborn son and husband bonding with the caption, “May 31, 2020, our miracle is born.”

She went on to say, “I started feeling contractions on May 29 and came to the hospital, and due to complications, we decided to go with a C-section on the third day and said hello to our baby. I wondered if I put him through more than he needed to. But then I learned our baby was born big and healthy at four kilograms (approximately 8.82 pounds).”

She continued, “I wonder if you didn’t come out because you didn’t want to make me suffer. You’re my small and precious son. I hope to recover soon so I can feed you. This is the start for our family of three. My loving family. The two men I love. Honey, you did well too. Our baby. You went through so much. I love you.”

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2020.05.31.기적이 탄생 29일 진통이 와서 병원을 갔다가 촉진제로 진행 하던중 진행이 되질 않아서 3일째 되는 날 저녁 제왕절개로 아가를 만나게 되었다. 괜히 아가를 힘들게 했나 싶고! 그런데 이게 무슨일… 우리 아가 4kg 우량아로 탄생? 엄마 힘들까봐 뱃속에서 버티고 버티다 출산하게 했나 싶고 ^^; 무쪼록 너무 작고 소중한 우리 아들 ! 엄마가 얼른 회복해서 모유 많이 많이 줄게! 이제 시작이다 우리 세식구! 사랑하는 우리가족?? #사랑하는두남자 ✨#여보도고생했어#우리아가#너무고생했어#사랑해#임산부졸업?

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Han Areum tied the knot with her husband in October 2019.

Congratulations to the happy family!

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