Yeri, Jay Park, Jessi, MOMOLAND, Ravi, Hoya, And More Show Support For Black Lives Matter Movement

Many more Korean stars have come forward to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Lives Matter is an activist movement that campaigns for an end to violence and systemic racism towards the black community, including police brutality and killings of black people. Early last week, outrage was sparked once again by the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, after he was pinned to the ground by white police officers in Minneapolis. Protests have spread nationwide, and many people are donating to help the movement.

Celebrities including Jay Park, Tiger JKGOT7’s Mark, DAY6’s Jae, Crush, and pH-1 have already used their platform to bring awareness to the movement while many more are actively joining with their support.

In addition to his initial donation, Jay Park’s agency H1GHR Music and its artists have collectively donated $21,000 to organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

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@h1ghrmusic as a Label and the Artists at the label have collectively donated 21k to the Black Lives Matter organization. We will also be participating in black out tuesday and our 6/2 release has been pushed to 6/4. To all the people protesting stay strong and keep fighting. We support you and are with you? #blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd – -하이어뮤직은 최근 조지 플로이드를 비롯한 과거 다수의 희생자들과 흑인 인권을 위한 운동 'BLACK LIVES MATTER'를 지지하며, 하이어뮤직과 아티스트들은 마음을 모아 해당 운동 관련 캠페인 단체에 2만 1천 불을 기부하였습니다. 또한 6월 2일 예정되어 있던 음원의 발매 일정을 6월 4일로 변경하며 BLACK OUT TUESDAY 운동에 동참하겠습니다. 하이어뮤직은 모든 인격이 평등하게 살아갈 수 있는 세계로의 변화를 응원합니다

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Jessi uploaded two posts, with one calling for justice for George Floyd and one sharing a comment to fellow Asian Americans. In her Instagram story, she also shared a post emphasizing that racism is not an intrinsic trait.

On her Instagram story, Red Velvet’s Yeri shared a post from her friend Seo Herin, who is a former SM Entertainment trainee and “Idol School” contestant. The post outlines the issue and provides links to petitions for people to sign.

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Ive been seeing a lot of people & brands post unnecessary things daily and it angers me that they choose to ignore and not put their efforts into an incredibly more important matter. I have also seen people vaguely post about the situation, evidently showing no compassion or will to take proper action against this hate crime. We have been following a corrupt system for years and people of colour deserve basic human rights. And as a HUMAN BEING we need to help our fellow people in their times of need. It disgusts me that there are still people out there that do not empathize for the black community and ignore their mistreatment. AGAIN WHITE PRIVILEGE. Please do all that you can by spreading awareness, signing petitions, speaking about it to fam&friends and protesting. #blacklivesmatter #raisethedegree find the petitions @ we will not stop.

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KARD’s Jiwoo linked two separate posts in her Instagram stories. The first recaps the George Floyd case in Korean and the caption reads, “This is the case of George Floyd’s death that is currently an issue in the United States. In order to spread news of this case as far as possible, I drew this using only the facts and without any personal opinion. Please feel free to spread this.”

VIXX’s Ravi posted a photo of George Floyd and commented “Everyone is everything to someone,” adding the Black Lives Matter hashtag.

MOMOLAND all shared the same post to their Instagram stories with Ahin later adding her own message and a link to petitions.

EXID’s LE uploaded a video to her Instagram story of a crowd raising their fists in solidarity at a protest.

Other artists who have spoken up include: AleXa, former INFINITE member Hoya, Lee Hi, Dal Shabet’s Subin, Eric Nam, and Minzy.

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#justiceforgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter

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You can find ways to join and support the Black Lives Matter movement at

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