Shin Ha Kyun And Jung So Min Are Caught In A Vicious Cycle Of Trouble In “Fix You”

KBS 2TV’s “Fix You” has released new stills of Shin Ha Kyun and Jung So Min!

“Fix You” is about the fateful relationship between psychiatrist Lee Shi Joon (Shin Ha Kyun) and musical actress Han Woo Joo (Jung So Min).


In the previous episodes, Lee Shi Joon and Han Woo Joo resolved their misunderstandings and developed a closer relationship. However, their blossoming relationship was questioned by people who thought it was inappropriate for a psychiatrist to become romantically involved with his patient. Eventually, Han Woo Joo was fired from the hospital, and towards the end of the drama, she knelt down in front of Oh Ki Tae (Park Soo Young) as she begged him for her job back. Lee Shi Joon came to his office to save her, and when Oh Ki Tae asked if they were dating, Lee Shi Joon replied with confidence that they were.

However, things won’t be all sunshine and rainbows in the next episode. On June 4, the drama unveiled stills of trouble brewing between Lee Shi Joon and Han Woo Joo. Han Woo Joo is known to have a hot temper that leads her to make regrettable decisions, and it seems like that cycle will be continuing as they progress into a romantic relationship.

In the photos, the couple is talking on the phone, and Lee Shi Joon looks horrified while Han Woo Joo seems distressed. It is said that the reason why he looks so shocked on the phone is because of her unexpected behavior. In another photo, Han Woo Joo is leaning against her bed with a tear-stained face. She looks resigned, and viewers can’t help but be nervous about her unexpected behavior that will shake things up between her and Lee Shi Joon.

“Fix You” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. KST.

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