The cast of “Good Girl” took on their first quest in the June 4 episode!

“Good Girl” is an Mnet hip hop reality program that showcases female hip-hop and R&B artists by having them team up to complete quests. Its cast members include Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Cheetah, Ailee, Jamie (formerly Park Jimin), Lee Young Ji, Sleeq, CLC’s Yeeun, Yunhway, KARD’s Jiwoo, and QUEEN WA$ABII.

For their first quest, the cast battled artists from Just Music and Wedaplugg Records. Sleeq, Yunhway, and Jamie first performed against Wedaplugg Records’s Lil Tachi, sAewoo, and Jhnovr.

The “Good Girl” team took to the stage with “Colors” while Lil Tachi, sAewoo, and Jhnovr performed “Demons,” and in the end the “Good Girl” team won the round.

The second round featured Lee Young Ji facing off against Giriboy. Lee Young Ji shared that she still contacted Giriboy and called him her mentor, after he played that role on “High School Rapper.”

The two artists then showed off different styles with their performances, with Lee Young Ji performing “I’m Lee Young Ji” (literal title) and Giriboy performing “A Star Is Falling” and “Divorce Papers.” Lee Young Ji came in first for this round.

The final round pitted Cheetah and Hyoyeon against Just Music’s Swings and Han Yo Han. The “Good Girl” team performed “TURL” while Swings and Han Yo Han performed “Again Today” (literal title).

In the end, the win went to the Just Music team. Han Yo Han then had everyone laughing when he asked Hyoyeon to take a photo with him and declared himself a successful fan of Girls’ Generation.

The “Good Girl” team scored the win overall! Lee Young Ji received the highest number of votes, so she took home the prize of the flex money, using it to buy gifts for her family.

What’s your favorite performance from the quest?

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