Jun Hyosung On Girl Group Who Has Caught Her Eye, Why Kim Hee Ae Is Her Role Model, Friendship With Secret Members, And More

Former Secret member Jun Hyosung recently participated in a photo shoot and interview with BNT International.

Following the conclusion of her drama “Memorist” at the end of April, Jun Hyosung has been busy with variety and radio shows. She spoke about her “Memorist” co-stars, sharing, “Lee Se Young and Yoo Seung Ho have combined experience of over 40 years. Since they’re such veterans, I studied a lot just by acting beside them.”

She has also recently become the first-ever female DJ of MBC’s “Dreaming Radio.” Jun Hyosung shared, “Since it’s a live broadcast where you have to speak by yourself and not make mistakes, you need to be quick-witted. It’s still so hard.” When asked if she felt pressured, she answered, “Since there have only been male DJs until now, I thought a lot about how regular listeners would react. I looked up many broadcasts done by different female DJs.”

On top of her role as radio DJ, Jun Hyosung recently opened up her own YouTube channel, titled “Bling Darling Jun Hyosung.” When asked how she came to start her own channel, she responded, “When I’m not promoting, my fans can’t see how I am for a long period of time. I thought it would be good to show different sides of myself in addition to broadcasts while also interacting and communicating with fans.”

After debuting as a member of Secret in 2009, Jun Hyosung is now in her 12th year of promotions. Regarding this achievement, she shared, “Since there are so many senior celebrities now who promote for a long time, I am still a baby in comparison. I want to promote for a long, long time like them too.” Compared to when she first debuted, she shared that she is now much more carefree.

For the junior girl group who has most caught her eye, Jun Hyosung picked (G)I-DLE, who recently gained even more attention for their extravagant performances on Mnet’s “Queendom.”

When asked if she has plans to return as a singer, she replied, “It’s exhausting now to promote with a plan. I’m always making music, but I don’t want to do it all at once. I want to release it when it feels right.”

Jun Hyosung also discussed her friendship with her fellow Secret members, saying, “Since we spent the best and worst moments of our youth together, they are like family but also like friends. There are often times when I tell things to my members that I can’t even tell my family. They’re the only people I can really vent to.”

Lastly, Jun Hyosung picked actress Kim Hee Ae as her role model. She explained, “When I hear from people who have acted with her, they say she is charismatic and elegant. Wouldn’t there be some hidden work behind those aspects? I would like to follow the example of that.”

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