Watch: Golden Child Mesmerizes In Cinematic “ONE (Lucid Dream)” MV

Updated June 23 KST:

Golden Child is back!

The group has now released the music video for their title track “ONE (Lucid Dream)” off their mini album “Take a Leap,” which is due out at 6 p.m. KST today. “ONE (Lucid Dream)” is the third and final song of their self-discovery trilogy, which has also included “WANNABE” and “Without You.” Composed by BLSSD, the song also includes rap lyrics by Jangjun and Tag.

Check it out below!

Updated June 20 KST:

Golden Child has shared a preview of their upcoming mini album “Take A Leap”!

Check out the new video below:

Updated June 20 KST:

Golden Child revealed their MV teaser for “ONE (Lucid Dream)”!

Updated June 19 KST:

Golden Child shared group photos and a comeback trailer for “ONE (Lucid Dream)”!

Updated June 18 KST:

Y and TAG feature in the latest teasers for Golden Child’s “ONE (Lucid Dream)”!

Updated June 17 KST:

Jangjun and Donghyun star in new teasers for Golden Child’s return with “ONE (Lucid Dream)”!

Updated June 16 KST:

Jibeom and Joochan feature in teasers for “ONE (Lucid Dream)”!

Updated June 15 KST:

Golden Child’s Jaehyun and Seungmin are the next members to star in their own teasers for the group’s upcoming return with “ONE (Lucid Dream)”!

Check out the comeback trailer and concept photo for each member below:

Updated June 14 KST:

Golden Child has released Bomin and Daeyeol’s teasers for their upcoming return with “ONE (Lucid Dream)”!

Check out the comeback trailer and concept photo for each member below:

Updated June 13 KST:

Golden Child shared a track list for their fourth mini album “Take a Leap”! It will include the title track “ONE (LUCID DREAM).” Members Jangjun and TAG took part in writing the lyrics or rap making for four of the songs.

Original Article:

Golden Child has given fans a first glimpse of their upcoming return!

On June 8 at midnight KST, Golden Child officially announced their comeback date: the group will be returning with a new release on June 23 at 6 p.m. KST.

Golden Child also dropped an exciting new comeback trailer entitled “Take A Leap,” which hints at the concept for their upcoming release.

Check out Golden Child’s new trailer below, and stay tuned for further details!

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