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When it comes to Korean variety shows, there is something to suit every taste. For those of you who enjoy family-oriented shows, you have probably at least watched a few YouTube segments of “The Return Of Superman,” especially when the featured guest is your favorite idol or actor.

The concept of the show revolves around breaking the stereotype that fathers often face, which is limiting their role in the family to solely providing. Joining these celebrities in their homes and watching them balance their everyday lives between their jobs and looking after their children gives us a whole new perspective on their personalities, characters, and attitudes. As a bonus, viewers get to witness the children grow through their life phases as toddlers, children, and young teens.

Naturally, we’ve come to witness many special moments unfold before our eyes, and some of them are simply too cute to compute. Below is a selection, in no particular order, of some of the most adorable takes seen on “The Return Of Superman” throughout the years.

1. When Seungjae didn’t want his dad to leave

In an attempt to know Seungjae’s true feelings towards him, Go Ji Yong pretends he’s a goblin and tells his son that he has to go back to the “goblin village.” This ruse upsets Seungjae and he burst into tears begging his father not to leave him behind, then voices his love for him in the sweetest way possible.

2. When Lee Dong Wook was ambushed by the five siblings

This encounter is very enjoyable to watch, as Lee Dong Wook and the five siblings are both equally shy and awkward. While Seol Ah and Soo Ah are charmed by him, Jae Si and Jae Ah take the opportunity to ask the actor to pick the younger twins and Daebak up all at the same time, to which he subdues.

3. When Seo Eon and Seo Jun went the extra mile with their cleaning skills

When Lee Hwi Jae steps out to recycle garbage, Seo Eon and Seo Jun decide to help with the chores. Together, they wash the dishes, then decide to take care of the damage their doodles caused on the wall and computer keyboard. Seo Jun gives the latter a good scrub and makes sure to wipe it clean. A couple of extra tasks later, Lee Hwi Jae comes home to find that his sons have outdone themselves in the most unexpected way to help him, leaving him laughing in frustration.

4. When Daebak enjoyed his sauna experience

Finally making another father and son dream of his come true, Lee Dong Gook takes Daebak to the sauna for the first time. The toddler looked adorable in his sheep-shaped towel while waddling around the place, discovering all of its spots from the hot room to the cold room, and enjoying a moment of relaxation on the massage chair much to his father’s enjoyment.

5. When Haru fangirled over G-Dragon

Even if you don’t watch “The Return Of Superman,” you must have heard about Haru’s love for G-Dragon at least once. This clip of her looking for the BIGBANG leader and then running away in shyness towards her father Tablo once she comes across him simply makes hearts melt!

6. When the SoDa siblings butted heads

In this moment, So Eul and Da Eul are enjoying their usual playtime when Da Eul suddenly bumps his forehead against his sister’s nose. The incident is so painful that So Eul starts crying. Her brother instantly apologizes and starts crying along, feeling bad about hurting her. Thankfully, they later make up and hug it out.

7. When Choo Sarang unleashed her inner foodie

This clip of Choo Sung Hoon carrying Choo Sarang while preparing dinner and playing with her at the same time is cuteness overload. Sarang has quite the appetite, and she doesn’t shy away from showing it as she takes her father’s spoon hostage and eats both from his plate and hers.

8. When Song Il Gook attempted to take ID pictures of the triplets

Taking care of triplets can get messy at times. In one episode, Song Il Gook wanted to take ID photos of the triplets, but it was much harder than he expected. While Manse keeps ripping the paper background despite his father telling him off, Daehan refuses to stay still for the picture and expresses his dislike for the shirt. Meanwhile, a carefree Minguk just roams around. Song Il Gook eventually finds a way to get his sons to cooperate, to which they innocently surrender.

9. When Hao ignored Gary for the cameramen tents

To say that Hao is obsessed with the camera crew’s tents is an understatement. Completely ignoring Gary, although he woke him up in the first place even before the filming crew arrived, Hao suddenly shifts his focus to the tents around the house, sneakily pulling away one of them and exploring the emergency snacks that one of the cameramen kept close. He offers to put back the tent in place and ends up getting a treat in return, to which Gary calls his son’s cute bluff!

10. When Sam Hammington decorated a Christmas tree with William and Bentley

Christmas may be six months away, but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating Christmas trees in June! In an episode, Sam sets up the tree and William helps with the decoration while Bentley stands there wondering why he isn’t taking part. After being given his first prop, Bentley instinctively puts it in his mouth before he cheekily goes on a de-decorating spree of the tree, despite Sam and William’s best efforts to stop him. The decoration session finally ends with a slippery fake snow celebration, much to everyone’s entertainment!

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