INFINITE Shares Love And Thanks On Their 10th Debut Anniversary

It’s INFINITE’s 10th anniversary!

The Woollim Entertainment boy group made their debut on June 9, 2010 with “Come Back Again,” and they went on to become one of K-pop’s biggest boy groups. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Woollim shared a video this year that looks back on their history.

INFINITE also took to Instagram to share love and gratitude for each other and their fans!

Sunggyu wrote, “I’m really, really grateful and I love you. I love you, INFINITE. I love you, Inspirit.”

Nam Woohyun shared a photo of the group and wrote, “Our 10th anniversary. Thank you so much to Woollim Entertainment and the INFINITE members for being together with me for a long time. And to Inspirit, I love you a lot.”

Sungyeol posted the day before, “Our 10th anniversary is tomorrow!!! Thank you so much to Inspirit and INFINITE, who have been with me during my 20s. Don’t get sick and stay healthy until we meet again.”

Kim Myung Soo wrote, “It’s our 10th anniversary. To our Inspirit friends, I thank you over and over.”

Sungjong wrote, “Hello, Inspirit. This is the youngest member Sungjong. It’s finally, finally our 10th anniversary!!!! I’ve always only experienced happy things for the past 10 years. I miss you so much now too, Inspirit, I hope I can see you soon. Please wait just a bit until we greet you as INFINITE. I couldn’t live without Inspirit. Once again, happy 10th anniversary. I love you.”

The members shared their thoughts and thanks in clips for fans, which you can watch below with English subtitles!

INFINITE’s Woollim labelmates also congratulated the group on their big day with video messages!

Watch Lovelyz, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, and Woollim Rookies wish them a happy anniversary with English subtitles below!

Happy anniversary, INFINITE!

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