Exclusive: VICTON Answers Fan Questions About Their “Mayday” Transformation, What Inspired Them To Become Idols, And More

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The rising boy group returned on June 2 with their second single album “Mayday,” featuring the title track of the same name in which the guys take on a fierce and compelling concept. After making a comeback only a few months ago in March, their return with “Mayday” was a special gift for their fans ALICE as a way to show their gratitude.

We called on ALICE to send in questions for VICTON via Instagram! Find out how they responded below:

Which member is the best fit for this album’s concept?

Asked by @surkimmm

Seungwoo: Sejun!! Please look forward to his awesome transformation!

Seungsik: I think Hanse’s rap has a different feel to it than usual, so he’s the best fit for the concept.

Chan: Sejun! I think he leaves a stronger impression with the awesome transformation of his hairstyle, so I pick Sejun!!

Sejun: Sejun, because I changed my look a lot through my short hair.

Hanse: Do Hanse.

Byungchan: I think Subin’s gotten sexier lately.

Subin: Sejun!! He did transform by cutting his hair short, but he’s a really great fit for it visually.

What’s your favorite VICTON b-side?

Asked by @khadijamalik__

Seungwoo: “Light”! Because the lyrics capture our true feelings well…!

Seungsik: “Petal” is my favorite!

Chan: VICTON’s “Farewell”! It brings back a lot of memories for me!

Sejun: “Farewell.”

Hanse: “New World.”

Byungchan: “Farewell”!!

Subin: “New World,” I like the beat and the mood.

What’s your favorite lyric or part in “Mayday”?

Asked by @dlhcwsljk._hb

Seungwoo: My favorite part is the bridge!! Please look forward to it.

Seungsik: My part in the intro is my favorite.

Chan: I think it would be my part! The falsetto in the line “No matter how much I call you, I can’t reach you” is really charming, right…

Sejun: Seungwoo’s rap part.

Hanse: “Yeah, this is an S.O.S, as always” (My part).

Byungchan: Seungwoo’s part that goes “Bang bang chillin’ me.”

Subin: The part in the “Fire off a mayday” of the last chorus where the instrumental fades out and our voices are really impactful.

What inspired you to be a singer?

Asked by @peachskychan

Seungwoo: Just because I’m so happy when I’m singing and dancing!

Seungsik: I first thought about it when my childhood friends told me, “You’re good at singing.”

Chan: I think my direction naturally changed after I became a trainee!

Sejun: When I was working at an office, I worried about whether my life would just go on feeling repetitive, and since my childhood dream had been to be a singer, that’s how I started.

Hanse: When I was in sixth grade, I saw G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” and thought it was so cool.

Byungchan: When I was in middle school, I was sure that it had to be this for me, so I immediately started training.

Subin: At some point, I became really into listening to music, so I decided that I wanted to make music too.

What’s a recent drama or film you enjoyed?

Asked by @gashma

Seungwoo: There aren’t any… because I’m just writing songs…!

Seungsik:Reply 1988.”

Chan: Netflix’s “Kingdom”!!!!!

Sejun: “Crash Landing on You” and “The World of the Married.”

Hanse: I recently watched the film “Dark Figure of Crime.”

Byungchan: “Our Times.”

Subin: “American Sniper.”

What song would you choose as the soundtrack or theme song of your life?

Asked by @fewlie

Seungwoo: “If We Can’t See Each Other Beginning Tomorrow” [his “Hyena” OST].

Seungsik: “While the Memories Are Asleep” [“Find Me In Your Memory” OST] because it was my first OST.

Chan: It’s a song that hasn’t been released yet, but I think my self-composed track “Eyes on You” that I performed at our first concert would be my theme song!

Sejun: I don’t have one yet.

Hanse: VICTON’s “Celebrate” from the “Evergreen” OST.

Byungchan: “To My Youth” [by BOL4].

Subin: Hmm… I don’t usually listen to soundtracks, but I was really impressed by Janelle Monae’s “I Like That” from the soundtrack to the film “Us.” I saw the movie in the theater, and when the video and song came on, it created a refreshing and fun feeling.

If you guys were to eat only one food for an entire year, what food would it be and why?

Asked by @reesearago

Seungwoo: Kimchi pork belly bibimbap! Because you can mix in!! Lots of different side dishes!!

Seungsik: If it’s one food for a whole year, I’d eat pizza.

Chan: Meat!!

Sejun: Pizza, because pizza’s a food that’s delicious no matter when I eat it.

Hanse: Salmon sushi, since it’s delicious at any time.

Byungchan: Bibimbap, because you can eat it with a variety of different ingredients and also because it’s delicious.

Subin: Beef! It’s one of my favorite foods, and it’s hard to eat it often because of the price.

What’s the last thing you searched for on the internet?

Asked by @gyyunee

Seungwoo: VICTON, Han Seung Woo!

Seungsik: VICTON.

Chan: My teaser photo!

Sejun: Ways to decrease body fat.

Hanse: Ugly shoes made by company “B” and “P.”

Byungchan: VICTON!!


What do you miss the most during the quarantine period?

Asked by @charly_yoo_do

Seungwoo: Concerts… I’m really sad that we can’t meet our fans…

Seungsik: There are a lot of things, but all of our members are the saddest about the fact that we can’t see our fans at pre-recordings or music shows.

Chan: Going to see late-night movies on my own.

Sejun: Eating popcorn while watching a movie at the theater on my own.

Hanse: All the things we do with fans, like music shows, concerts, fan meetings, fan signing events, etc.

Byungchan: Meeting fans, going for walks.

Subin: Talking with fans in person!

What’s something you’d like to say to your fans around the world?

Asked by @mello._.xx

Seungwoo: Thank you for always supporting us, and please give us lots of love because we’ll show you even better performances! I hope that this situation passes soon and we can see each other. Everyone, take care of your health, and let’s meet soon!

Seungsik: I think everyone must be going through a hard time right now, but I hope that everyone hangs in there and stays healthy until the day we can enjoy a performance together. I’m always so grateful, ALICE.

Chan: ALICE… I love you.

Sejun: ALICE, thank you for making my 20s full of unforgettable memories and making my life so amazing. I think even 50 or 60 years from now, I’ll be brought to tears if I just hear the name ALICE. Thank you for filling up the most important part of me.

Hanse: Although it’s a difficult time, I hope that we’ll all hang in there and get through this together, and I hope that soon we’ll be able to be to get together and have fun! Until that time, please stay healthy, everyone. Bye!

Byungchan: We’re back with “Mayday.” Please show it a lot of love and interest, and I hope that we can see each other very soon.

Subin: Hello everyone, I’m Subin! We made a surprise comeback with our single album! We thought about what we could do for our fans during this situation, and then we ended up quickly preparing a comeback! We’ve prepared to show a different side of ourselves with the song and choreography concepts, so I hope that we’ll be able to bring you all even a little bit of fun and strength. We’ll keep working hard. I’m always so grateful.

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