Hyerim And Shin Min Chul Talk About Finances Ahead Of Marriage + How Much They Saved

On the June 8 episode of MBC’s “Don’t Be Jealous,” Hyerim and her fiancé Shin Min Chul got honest about their finances ahead of their marriage.

Shin Min Chul started off the conversation by saying, “We have to speak honestly. First off, we need to know how much each person has saved and how much the amount will be when we combine it. Right now, I have around 200 million won to 300 million won (approximately $166,200 to $249,300) that I can mobilize.”

Hyerim responded, “I live in a house leased by jeonse.” A jeonse lease is a type of rental arrangement where the renter makes a large lump-sum deposit on a space (usually 50 to 80 percent of the market value) instead of making monthly payments. The landlord makes money by investing the deposit and keeping the interest, and the deposit is then returned to the tenant when they move out.

Hyerim added that she and Shin Min Chul had each paid half of the amount for the deposit. Hyerim said, “I have about 150 million won (approximately $124,650), and with the amount that I saved, that’s about 200 million won (approximately $166,200).”

She then asked Shin Min Chul, “Compared to how long I’ve worked, don’t you think I haven’t made much?”

With that, Hyerim opened up about misconceptions of being an idol. “You’d think an idol would be a landlord,” she remarked, admitting that she also has a prejudice regarding those matters.

Hyerim continued, “I think that at the level of the Wonder Girls, I’d definitely be owning multiple buildings. However, I wasn’t there when Wonder Girls was doing well and making a lot of money with ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Nobody.’ I joined the group when all that ended, and we were off to promote in the United States.”

She added honestly, “From then on, the situation was that I wasn’t making money. For my age, I’ve saved a lot, but it’s not to the extent where I can become a landlord.”

Shin Min Chul responded, “That’s not true. Didn’t you take care of the dorm, your own house, and your tuition fees all on your own? I fell for you once again knowing that, so I don’t really care about it that much. You’ve done well enough.”

Shin Min Chul then revealed what he wants in a home. “There needs to be two bathrooms. I wish that there will be a bathtub.” Hyerim added that she wants a house with three rooms that receives a lot of sunlight.

Shin Min Chul expressed his desire to find a house in Songpa District near the neighborhood of Jamsil. Hyerim responded, “How about living for one year in the neighborhood of Imun and moving after I graduate? I also have dreams about our newlywed home. I want to live in a nice house from the start. Since I’ll become too distant from my daily life, I want to finish all my work and move into an even better home.”

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