Jung Gun Joo And Park Byung Eun Keep Pursuing Jang Nara Despite Her Romance With Go Joon In “Oh My Baby”

The love square of Jang Nara, Go Joon, Park Byung Eun, and Jung Gun Joo will continue in the next episode of “Oh My Baby”!

The tvN drama is about a woman named Jang Ha Ri (Jang Nara), a workaholic career woman who wants to have a baby before it’s too late. Just as she decides to skip over marriage in order to make her dream of becoming a mother come true, three men come unexpectedly into her life.


In the previous episode of “Oh My Baby,” Han Yi Sang (Go Joon), Choi Kang Eu Tteum (Jung Gun Joo), and Yoon Jae Young (Park Byung Eun) expressed their feelings for Jang Ha Ri in their own ways. Despite advances from all three men, Jang Ha Ri’s heart only raced for Han Yi Sang. However, that will not stop Choi Kang Eu Tteum and Yoon Jae Young from pursuing her in the upcoming episode.

In the new stills, Yoon Jae Young looks green with envy as he watches Jang Ha Ri and Han Yi Sang on a date. The couple is enjoying a beer after work , and Yoon Jae Young does not seem happy as he watches them exchange lovey-dovey smiles. When Han Yi Sang takes Jang Ha Ri home after a date, Yoon Jae Young does all he can to prevent his rival from stepping a foot into her house. Will Yoon Jae Young finally burst and reveal his true feelings to his childhood friend Jang Ha Ri?

Choi Kang Eu Tteum is also fighting just as hard for her heart!

In another set of stills, Choi Kang Eu Tteum showcases a various of emotions from charisma to shock. He also makes hearts flutter as he attempts to get her ring size by fitting a finger hole of a pair of kids scissors into her finger. Jang Ha Ri seems to not notice anything as she spaces out with busy thoughts. Will Choi Kang Eu Tteum also have a chance to capture Jang Ha Ri’s heart?

Their four-way romance will unravel in the next episode of “Oh My Baby” that will air on June 10 at 10:50 p.m. KST.

Check out the latest episode below!

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