Watch: Nana And Park Sung Hoon Show Off Their Chemistry Behind The Scenes Of Upcoming Drama “Into The Ring”

KBS 2TV’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Into the Ring” (previously known as “The Ballot”) released a behind-the-scenes look at the drama’s script reading and poster filming sessions!

“Into the Ring” will be an office rom-com about a woman named Goo Se Ra (Nana) who gets involved in people’s problems, files complaints, comes up with solutions, and finds love at her local district office. Park Sung Hoon plays Seo Gong Myung, a civil servant who always plays by the rules.

The clip introduces the actors present at the script reading: Nana, Park Sung Hoon, Yoo Da InAhn Nae Sang, Ahn Kil Kang, Bae Hae Sun, Han Jun Woo, and Jang Hye Jin.

When asked to describe her character in a following interview, Nana says, “Goo Se Ra is someone who has no money, is under-qualified, and from a poor family, but her slyness and bluffing is the best.”

Park Sung Hoon describes his character Seo Gong Myung as someone who, on the outside, seems to be rough and is always sticking to the rules. He continues, “However, Seo Gong Myung has a humane side to him where he is soft-hearted and clumsy on the inside.”

Nana shows off her acting as Goo Se Ra during the script reading, reciting her lines about wanting to become a district representative who only works 90 days a year and introducing herself as candidate No. 5 from Mawon District. Ahn Gil Kang, who plays Goo Se Ra’s father Goo Young Tae, appears to be against Goo Se Ra’s antics, saying, “She’s a big talker like her mom.”

Later, Nana shares her feelings about the script reading. She says, “I was a little nervous because it was a full script reading, but I worked hard to focus as much as I had prepared. Our seniors led us well, creating a good atmosphere.”

Park Sung Hoon says, “Our overall chemistry was really good, as if we had worked together beforehand. I predict that the atmosphere on set will be comfortable and fun as well.”

The clip cuts to the poster filming, where Nana swings a baseball bat and makes cute expressions in front of the camera. Park Sung Hoon checks his watch diligently, portraying the rigid personality of his character.

When asked about the photo shoot concepts, Park Sung Hoon explains, “The concept was according to what fit our characters. We separately shot the rough and blunt sides to Seo Gong Myung and the reckless and joyful sides to Goo Se Ra. For our photo shoot together, we portrayed the ‘人’ character from the stamp you receive after voting.”

Park Sung Hoon then calls the chemistry between him and Nana as “fantastic,” making Nana laugh. He continues, “Even without saying anything, we understand each other.”

Park Sung Hoon adds, “In the drama, there are many scenes where Se Ra bothers Gong Myung. At first, Nana was being a little careful, but now she comes up with ideas that aren’t even in the script and starts to bother me in various ways.” He then jokes that Nana is a devil on the inside, quickly correcting himself to call her a rascal.

Park Sung Hoon wraps up the interview, saying about the drama, “We’re telling stories about how people live. I expect that there are topics that are cute and which you can lightly laugh at as well as those that can touch viewers. I hope that you can look forward to the drama and support it a lot!”

“Into the Ring” will premiere on July 1 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Watch a teaser for the drama here!

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