Lee Sang Yeob, Lee Sang Yi, And More Are Shocked By Lee Cho Hee’s Drunken Outburst In “Once Again”

Lee Cho Hee will be confessing her inner feelings in the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV’s “Once Again”!


In the previous broadcast, Song Da Hee (Lee Cho Hee) rejected her ex-in-law Yoon Jae Suk’s (Lee Sang Yi’s) confession. She asked, “Can’t we just be like how we are now with both sides not crossing the line?” However, Song Da Hee couldn’t help but be upset by Yoon Jae Suk’s cold attitude in his attempt to not cross the line.

With growing anticipation over how their relationship will develop, new stills have been released of Song Da Hee completely drunk and surrounded by Song Ga Hee (Oh Yoon Ah), Song Na Hee (Lee Min Jung), Yoon Gyu Jin (Lee Sang Yeob), and Yoon Jae Suk. In the stills, Yoon Gyu Jin looks flustered as if he’s explaining himself while looking at Song Na Hee, making viewers curious to find out what could have occurred.

Furthermore, after the Song family sisters leave, Yoon Jae Suk and Yoon Gyu Jin share a serious discussion with anger and sadness apparent on Yoon Jae Suk’s facial expression.

Previously, Song Da Hee avoided Yoon Jae Suk after being shocked by his sudden change in attitude. Viewers are curious to find out for what reason Song Da Hee could have approached Yoon Jae Suk first and what confession from Song Da Hee could have brought shock to the two families.

“Once Again” airs on weekends at 8:55 p.m. KST.

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