The Boyz And ONF Members Share Happiness And Thanks For Chart Success Of “Road To Kingdom” Tracks

The Boyz and ONF celebrated with fans after the chart success of their “Road to Kingdom” tracks!

On June 12 at 6 p.m. KST, all five remaining teams from the Mnet competition show released new songs as part of the show’s digital chart battle. Their scores on the chart until June 16 will be a factor in determining who wins the show.

At 7 p.m. KST, The Boyz’s song “Checkmate” debuted on the realtime chart of Korea’s largest music site Melon at No. 61 and ranked high on other major realtime charts as well, including No. 12 on Bugs and No. 15 on Genie.

Q and Jacob shared screenshots of their song on the Melon chart, with Q writing, “I’m crying” and Jacob saying the group’s fan club name “The B” with symbols for tears.

Sunwoo wrote, “The B, you’re the best. Thank you for such a precious gift. I’m crying.”

The group shared a video of themselves screaming and cheering when they checked the chart to find themselves at No. 61.

Sangyeon handwrote a message saying, “The B is the best.”

Eric shared some behind-the-scenes photos and wrote in Korean, “The B is the best. Thank you, The B” and added in English, “Thank & Love you THE B!”

Q shared a photo and wrote, “[crying noise] The B I’m so happy.”

Sunwoo shared some photos with the caption, “The B is clearly Santa. You keep giving us joyful gifts.”

Kevin wrote, “Speechless tonight… thank you.”

ONF was the second and only other “Road to Kingdom” group to make it on to Melon’s Top 100 realtime chart on June 12 with their track for the show, which is titled “New World.” They grabbed No. 98 at 7 p.m. KST and also ranked high on other major realtime charts, including No. 7 on Bugs and No. 12 on Genie.

On ONF’s Twitter, members shared their shock and gratitude to their fans Fuse over their success. Hyojin wrote, “Oh wow… Oh wow… Fuses, this isn’t a dream, right?!!?!?! Thank you, our Fuses. I love you, Fuses. All together, Light’s On!!!!!”

Wyatt replied (with lots of symbols for tears) to say, “Wow, seriously [tears] I’m so happy, thanks to our Fuses [tears] I love you so, so much [tears].”

MK also wrote, “Fuses, ‘New World’ is finally out! I think it’s getting a lot of love thanks to Fuses, so I’m really happy in this moment.”

See the debut rankings at 7 p.m. KST for the groups’ songs on three major realtime charts below!


61. The Boyz – “Checkmate”
98. ONF – “New World”


12. ONF – “New World”
15. The Boyz – “Checkmate”
35. PENTAGON – “Basquiat”
86. ONEUS – “Come Back Home”


7. ONF – “New World”
12. The Boyz – “Checkmate”
43. ONEUS – “Come Back Home”
48. PENTAGON – “Basquiat”
88. VERIVERY – “Beautiful-x”

The “Road to Kingdom” live finale will feature all five of the groups (ONF, PENTAGON, The Boyz, ONEUS, and VERIVERY) performing their new songs for the first time. It airs on June 18 at 8 p.m. KST!

Update: This article has been updated to include more information on the tracks’ realtime rankings.

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