TWICE Thanks Their Fans For 100 Music Show Wins

TWICE have racked up a grand total of 100 music show wins!

On June 12, TWICE won the first place trophy on “Music Bank” with their latest track “MORE & MORE.” During the encore stage, the girls kept their first place promise and hilariously sang their song after inhaling helium. They also commented, “We will work harder. Thank you, ONCE, for loving us.”

This is TWICE’s third music show win for “MORE & MORE” after winning on “Show Champion” and “M Countdown” earlier this week and is also their 100th win since debuting in 2015. After Girls’ Generation, TWICE is the only girl group to reach this milestone.

Reaching their 100th win is only one of the many feats TWICE has achieved for this comeback. As of May 27, their ninth mini album “MORE & MORE” surpassed 500,000 stock pre-orders, setting a new record for the group. On the day of the album release, they sold over 260,000 copies, becoming the first Korean girl group to surpass 200,000 on the first day and simultaneously breaking the highest first-day sales record for Korean girl groups.

With this new album, according to Gaon chart’s shipment count as of June 9, TWICE’s cumulative album sales in Korea recorded 5,206,745 copies.

Immediately after its release, “MORE & MORE” also swept major realtime charts in Korea as well as international iTunes charts and marked TWICE’s debut on the Billboard 200 chart.

Following the group’s historic 100th music show win, they expressed their gratitude towards fans on their official Twitter account. They shared photos from their first-ever music show win alongside their most recent win. The tweet reads, “First-ever first place. And the 100th first place. One in a million ONCE, who shine brighter than anything on earth and who are always with TWICE.”

The post continues with lyrics from their song “One in a Million” and then reads, “Congratulations. ONCE, and also TWICE.”

After “Music Bank,” many of the members also shared posts on Instagram to personally thank their fans.

Nayeon, Sana, Tzuyu, and Dahyun made two posts with group photos, captioned, “Thank you so much to ONCE who allowed us to place first!!”

Jeongyeon shared a series of selfies with Dahyun and Momo featuring in the background. In her caption she wrote, “Congratulations ONCE on your 100th first place! Even though you’re far away, I really, really feel your support. They keep telling me not to lower the window on our way home, so I couldn’t, but I really, really miss you too. I am always thankful, and I really cherish you!! Since I’m in a good mood today, I’m going to upload lots.”

Along with a set of photos, TWICE’s leader Jihyo shared, “ONCE whom I miss! It would’ve been so much better if you could’ve been with us today. Although that’s regretful, today is still such a happy day! I know you all enjoyed yourselves at home. I hope you all have a party at home today! When our promotions are over, we’ll do the same in our dorm. Congratulations to ONCE and TWICE. We’ll do our performance well tomorrow too! Thank you and I love you ONCE.”

Dahyun’s post starts with the catch phrase from “Music Bank” and reads, “TWICE’s 100th first place at ‘Music Bank.’ Today is a really x100 meaningful day. I was MC and I got first place!!! Our ONCE is the best!!! Thank you.”

Momo uploaded photos with Sana and Nayeon and shared, “Congratulations ONCE on your 100th first place today. It’s really all thanks to ONCE…It’s because we have such strong and reliable ONCE that ONCE and all nine TWICE members can have such thankful moments like this…ONCE, I am always so, so thankful and apologetic. TWICE, ONCE, let’s do well in the future too.”

Congratulations to TWICE and ONCE!

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