WINNER's Song Mino Talks About Missing His Members, Preparing For Solo Comeback, And More

On June 15, WINNER’s Song Mino made a guest appearance on Jung Hyung Don and Defconn’s radio show “Nanom” (literal title), where he talked about his recent activities, his thoughts on his fellow members, and more.

When asked by the DJs about what he has been doing recently, Song Mino responded, “I was really excited to come here. It’s the only day I dressed up.” He added, “I don’t wear socks these days. This is my first time wearing socks the past week.” The DJs then asked what he typically does at home, to which he replied, “I wear pajamas and stare at the ceiling. It’s hard.”

In April of this year, WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo and Lee Seung Hoon enlisted in the military and are currently carrying out their mandatory service. In response to how he felt without them present, Song Mino said, “I’m feeling really lonely.”

Song Mino also talked about his other member Kang Seung Yoon, revealing that their personalities don’t go well together. He spoke honestly, confessing, “We don’t go well together, although he’s a friend that I like.” Jung Hyung Don joked, “In that case, you should release a solo album.” Song Mino shared that both he and Kang Seung Yoon are working on their own solo albums.

The conversation turned to how COVID-19 has impacted his recent income. The idol said, “My income has decreased a lot. I want to work.” Deffcon responded, “I don’t buy shoes these days since I have nowhere to wear them to,” to which Song Mino replied that he’s stopped shopping since he considers it a luxury.

Since Song Mino is currently a fixed cast member of “New Journey to the West” and “Kang’s Kitchen,” which are both shows directed by producing director Na Young Suk, the DJs asked him if they were in touch. Song Mino answered, “We rarely contact each other. I miss him.”

During the show, Song Mino also made a phone call to a high school student who gave the correct answers to a quiz. The fan told him that they were enjoying his solo abum ‘XX,’ which was released in November 2018. Song Mino told the fan that he would delight their ears with another new album.

At the end of the broadcast, Song Mino shared, “Today was really fun, I kept laughing. I was so happy to experience the joy of working again. I took work for granted, so I’m reflecting on that. I want to come back again whenever you call on me.”

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