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Melodramas can have some pretty devastating finales and with Han Jae Hyun’s (Yoo Ji Tae) life on the line, “When My Love Blooms” was not going easy on its viewers. However, the finale episodes left little to disappoint and were full of wholesome, happy, and bittersweet scenes between all the characters. It’s very rare that every character gets an ending that satisfies their own individual arc and it makes these episodes even more special. Here are the things we absolutely adored about the ending of “When My Love Blooms.”

Warning spoilers for the final episodes below. 

1. LOVED: Jae Hyun speaking with the old man

The scene between Jae Hyun and the old man who stabbed him is sure to bring any viewer to tears. While the old man is deeply sorry and tries to explain himself, Jae Hyun forgives him. He thoughtfully explains that he understands the old man more than anyone in the world as he felt the same way when his father passed. Later on in the final episode, it is revealed that the old man will be released.

This scene is incredibly melancholic but also hopeful. Last week’s ending felt awful, especially when you consider that both of their lives could have been gravely ruined because of the incident. It is great that both characters discover and make peace with the truth of what happened to their loved ones.

2. LOVED: Jae Hyun and Ji Soo’s reunion

Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soo’s (Lee Bo Young) reunion scene in front of his mother’s house is everything shippers could have asked for and more. From Ji Soo’s flustered babbling to Jae Hyun’s heartfelt confession that she changed him back, and even their sweet bus scene – you can’t help but feel your heart flutter.

These scenes felt reminiscent of all the romantic scenes that their younger selves had. Their chemistry really shines here in the same way GOT7’s Jinyoung and Jeon So Nee‘s chemistry did in the past scenes. Seeing them smile and act like they were young in love after watching them go through so many hardships is a great payoff for the audience.

3. LOVED: Jae Hyun addressing the shareholders

Seeing Jae Hyun’s plan come to fruition was one of the many highlights of this drama and the end result couldn’t be more satisfying. He confidently addresses the shareholders to help him forge a new Hyung Sung Corporation. While they are initially outraged, he quickly proves his sincerity by naming the number of people who have been fired from each department. He admits that not only will he vote to have Jang Seo Kyung (Park Si Yeon) and her father (Moon Seung Geun) kicked out, but he will resign as well.

This scene really delivers on the agonizingly long wait of seeing Jae Hyun return to his old self, especially when he begins to recite the statistics of the people who had been fired. What makes this scene even more gratifying is thinking about how it feels like it has come full circle. In the past, Jae Hyun taught Ji Soo how to fight for injustices, but in the present, it’s Ji Soo who influences him to do the same. They truly make each other better and it is satisfying to see him embrace his original values and beliefs once again.

4. LOVED: Ji Soo’s birthday scenes

Of course, it wouldn’t be a “When My Love Blooms” episode if there was not a past scene that was completely replicated in the present. The celebration of Ji Soo’s birthday with Jae Hyun and their friends in both timelines is bittersweet. The present scene will definitely tug on your heartstrings as Ji Soo finally lets go of all the guilt she holds for her mother’s and sister’s death.

These scenes provide a nice dose of fluff but also closure. Out of all of the characters, Ji Soo faced the most trials and tribulations throughout the show. To see her finally be able to open up again and allow herself to be happy is truly the best part of the drama. She starts off the drama lonely and closed off and in the end she’s on the opposite side. It really drives home the message that you don’t have to suffer alone. Instead, you can lean on and share your feelings with your loved ones.

5. LOVED: The big happy ending

If you didn’t already have your tissues out by the end of the finale, you need to get them out immediately. The ending scenes will no doubt make you boo-hoo cry. The scene starts with Ji Soo and Jae Hyun talking to their younger selves. They tenderly praise them for doing a good job and thank them for ending up happy. In the end, they both share physical affection with their younger selves.

This scene is wholesome. It promises viewers that even though we don’t get to see their story continue on anymore, they are living their lives happily and to the fullest. It brings everything together and watching young Ji Soo and Jae Hyun look back at their older selves is endearing. Pair this with the final scene of the drama being Jae Hyun’s point-of-view from the first flashback scene of the show and you’ve got just another iconic cinematic parallel.

“When My Love Blooms” is a compelling tale of love and fate and will excite anyone who loves to watch a great romance.

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