Stray Kids Talks About Writing New Song

Stray Kids has made their comeback!

On June 17 at 6 p.m. KST, the group released their first full album “GO生” (“GO LIVE”) and a music video for the title track “God’s Menu.”

Upon their return, Stray Kids revealed the songwriting process for “God’s Menu,” the reaction to the song from JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young, and more.

First, the members expressed their excitement upon releasing their first full album and shared their desire to show fans their new music.

When asked to describe their new album, Bang Chan said, “In this album, you can get a sense of the various challenges we take on. We completed the album by including the messages we want to convey and the types of music we wanted to try out.”

Changbin added, “There are times when everyone faces unavoidable hardships, and we wanted to convey the idea that we should enjoy those moments and move forward with strength.”

He continued, “Out of all the albums we’ve released, I think that ‘GO生’ is the most Stray Kids-like album. Through this album, I think we will be able to show off how much we have grown.”

Han said, “If one says we had previously made music based on clear-cut subjects, this time we worked really freely on the music we want to make. ‘GO生’ is an album made up of songs that we really like, and you can check out how much more musically diverse it is.”

Hyunjin talked about his excitement for the album as well. He said, “I really want to show everyone the rest of the tracks on our album.”

Seungmin mentioned, “This is our first full album in two years since our debut, so I felt very burdened while working on it because there are a lot of songs within the album and a lot of things to prepare for really well.”

He continued, “However, all the members got together and thought a lot about how we can show off better sides of us, and with that idea in mind, we prepared step by step.”

I.N. added, “Because this is our first full album, we all did our best to prepare for it, and we practiced even harder. We would like to show only the best of us through our album promotions.”

The members talked about how they chose the theme for “God’s Menu.” Bang Chan said, “I’ve always thought that working on music was similar to cooking, so this time, we compared our songs to a menu, and we made our listeners the guests.”

Bang Chan elaborated on a moment from the songwriting process that he remembers the most. He said, “I remember when we were in the midst of working on our song, 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, Han) came up with the ‘DU DU DU’ part in the chorus while coming back to the dorms late at night.”

Changbin said, “During the time that we were writing our song, there was a drama based on cooking that was airing. We thought that we should also try making music by comparing the songwriting process to cooking, so that’s how we worked on our music with the concept of a chef creating a new dish.”

Then, Han shared a funny incident. He said, “We talked a lot about how the song should have lyrics that are as fun as how unique the song’s title is. As we discussed including things about ingredients and food while we were writing the lyrics, there was a time when we stopped working because we were hungry, and we left to eat.”

Han continued, “We were actually in the process of working on ‘God’s Menu’ since a long time ago because a different song was chosen as our title track. We still worked on “God’s Menu’ happily as ever in that situation, so when we finally finished the song, we all really liked it. We played the song for the employees at our company and told them that we think ‘God’s Menu’ is more fitting for this album and that we are more confident in it, so we ended up changing the title track to ‘God’s Menu.’

He added with a laugh, “They said that this doesn’t usually happen.”

Bang Chan revealed how the other members reacted to “God’s Menu.” He said, “Like we mentioned earlier, there was another song that was originally set to be our title track, and the deciding factor of why we changed it was all thanks to our members. When I saw the members’ reactions after playing it for them, I knew for sure that this song was it.”

Bang Chan then talked about JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young’s reaction to the song. Bang Chan said, “Park Jin Young spoke highly of the song. We were really proud because he told us that we need to keep doing what we’re doing.”

Changbin added, “All the members really liked it, and Park Jin Young told us that just by listening to the demo, he could clearly see Stray Kids flying around the stage and complimented us a lot.”

Han included that he felt happy when the members expressed their desire to perform the song right when they heard it.

When asked about their favorite songs on the album excluding the title track, Bang Chan chose “Easy.” Meanwhile, Lee Know, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. named “Blueprint” as their favorite, while Changbin and Hyunjin chose “Haven.” On the other hand, Han chose “Another Day.”

Lastly, Stray Kids was asked what they would like to hear from listeners upon the release of “GO生.”

Bang Chan answered, “Honestly, I am very grateful even just for people listening to our music. I will be thankful for any kind of review of our album.”

Hyunjin said, “I want to hear someone say that they can tell we have worked hard for a long time. We are practicing hard so that people can feel that Stray Kids has really come back determined this time.”

Seungmin concluded, “I want to hear the compliment that Stray Kids has leveled up.”

Check out the music video for “God’s Menu” here!

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