Cube Co-Founder Hong Seung Sung Speaks Out In Support Of Park Kyung After He Accused Artists Of Chart Manipulation

Cube Entertainment co-founder Hong Seung Sung has written again to show his support for Block B’s Park Kyung.

On June 19, Hong Seung Sung posted the following tweet:

Hello, this is Hong Seung Sung. I am writing for the first time in a while. Today’s post is about Park Kyung.

I hope that Park Kyung will have strength.

I think that under the pretext of viral marketing, competition will become more intense now. I think that this sort of thing must not happen again.

The truth will come out someday.

Hong Seung Sung’s mention of “viral marketing” appears to refer to the common response of those accused of chart manipulation, as many have attributed sudden rises on the charts to the power of so-called viral marketing.

Last November, Park Kyung restarted the conversation about suspicions of widespread sajaegi (the manipulation of sales numbers through an artist’s own agency bulk buying or streaming). He wrote in a now-deleted tweet, “I want to do sajaegi like Vibe, like Song Ha Ye, like Lim Jae Hyun, like Jeon Sang Keun, like Jang Deok Cheol, and like Hwang In Wook ^^;;.” All the artists he mentioned announced that they would take legal action against him.

Following this, Hong Seung Sung tweeted in Novemebr to say, “Online music sajaegi must be eradicated. I will cheer you on. Stay strong.”

On June 17, the Seoul Seongdong Police Station announced that they would be forwarding Park Kyung’s case to the prosecution with a recommendation of indictment without detention for suspicions of defamation. Park Kyung has postponed his enlistment in order to take part in the investigation.

Hong Seung Sung founded Cube Entertainment in 2006, and he recently departed from the company over conflict created by the new majority shareholder.

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