Stray Kids Picks Which Member's Traits They Want, Group Goals For 2020, And More

Following their latest comeback with “God’s Menu,” Stray Kids participated in a short Q&A to chat with fans.

On June 17, Stray Kids released their first full album “GO生” (“GO LIVE”) with their title track “God’s Menu.” Even before its release, the album surpassed 200,000 stock pre-orders, breaking the group’s personal record. After its release, the group showed off their international fame as the album topped iTunes charts in 23 countries.

When asked to pick a trait of another member they wish they could be reborn with, Lee Know adorably picked one from each person. He answered, “Bang Chan’s genius brain, Changbin’s rap skills, Hyunjin’s sexy aura, Han’s singing ability, Seungmin’s self-care, Felix’s pure charm, and our maknae I.N’s physical strength.”

Changbin and Seungmin both picked Bang Chan for his tall stature and musicality, respectively. Han responded, “I’m jealous of Felix’s voice, which is charming to everyone. Especially when he speaks in English, it sounds like I’m watching a foreign movie.”

Felix shared that he enjoys the unique combination of ice cream and soda, while I.N hilariously picked Lee Know and Seungmin as his favorite unique duo. He explained, “Since they’re best friends, they bicker regularly about little things, which is very funny!”

Bang Chan and Changbin revealed their personal methods and habits when they’re writing music, with Bang Chan saying, “I find the overall flow of the song important, so I draw the big picture and then proceed.” Changbin commented, “I always decide on the topic before starting. I also always finish my songs by going through the lyrics again.”

Han answered a little differently, sharing, “First off, whenever I begin making music, I prepare a sweet snack. Since I do a lot of thinking and use my voice a lot, I always need a sweet snack! Also, I write the melody and the lyrics together, which requires a lot of thinking and editing.” Laughing, he continued, “That’s why I typically finish songs very slowly.”

When asked if there was anything they wanted to share about their daily lives with fans, Lee Know and I.N both responded that they have recently been working out. I.N explained that he has been exercising with Changbin, and Lee Know commented, “I’ve especially been paying attention to stretching recently.” Felix adorably added, “I’ve recently started to cook!”

Stray Kids also shared their group’s ultimate goal to be staying together as a group and with their fans for a long time. Seungmin added, “I want to become a singer who gives a lot of positive influence to many people. I also want to become an artist and an idol who is able to grow and develop with their fans.”

Lastly, the boys were asked what goals they wanted to achieve in 2020. Many of the members chose health and happiness for everyone, as well as calm in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. They also picked meeting with fans again and showing them energetic performances.

Han responded, “I hope more people will get to see what an energetic group Stray Kids is. Also, I want to convey emotion and empathy to those listening to our songs. Personally, I hope my songwriting and composing skills improve.”

I.N shared, “We are working hard to be able to hear feedback like ‘Stray Kids is so good on stage’ and ‘All their performances are amazing.'”

Watch Stray Kids’s music video for “God’s Menu” here!

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