Watch: Stray Kids Gets Hyped As They React To Their

On June 19, Stray Kids shared a video of the members reacting to their own “God’s Menu” music video!

On June 17, Stray Kids released their first full album “GO生” (“GO LIVE”) with their title track “God’s Menu.” Even before its release, the album surpassed 200,000 stock pre-orders, breaking the group’s personal record. After its release, the group showed off their international fame as the album topped iTunes charts in 23 countries.

At the beginning of the reaction video, the members start screaming excitedly, and they all seem eager to start the video. Bang Chan accidentally misses the “play” button because of his trembling hand, earning shouts of complaints from his members. Fortunately, the music video starts soon, and the members stop talking to focus on it.

Throughout the video, the members hype each other up with heartfelt compliments and comments of awe. Han demands, “Why am I so handsome?,” and Hyunjin playfully gives him a warning while Changbin comments, “You’re so cool!” When his part his over, Han stops the video, and Bang Chan stares at him in bewilderment. Changbin points to the door as he shouts, “Hey! You, leave!” Bang Chan softly chides Han, saying, “Don’t break the flow.”

The music video continues, and the members scream in awe and praise each other in excitement. When the music video is over, Han shares, “I think it’s different from the other music videos we filmed,” and Felix adds, “It’s really refreshing.” They even re-watch the music video to take a closer look at it.

After watching it for the second time, the members share their amazement about how well it turned out. Han comments, “I’m really curious how STAYs (fandom name) will react to it.” Hyunjin agrees and says he thinks their fans will find it refreshing. Bang Chan adds, “They’ll like it.” Then he smiles at the screen and asks the fans to enjoy their music video.

Check out the reaction video below!

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