U-KISS’s Jun Talks About “Good Casting,” Growing As An Actor, And More

U-KISS’s Jun recently sat down for an interview to talk about his recently concluded drama “Good Casting.”

In the SBS drama about secret agents, he starred as Kang Woo Won, a rising star who ends up working closely with undercover agent Im Ye Eun (played by Yoo In Young), who is on a high-stakes mission to save the nation.

Jun commented, “It was a very enjoyable set, and it was a place where I could learn and grow more as an actor. I’m grateful that we were able to successfully finish filming without anyone getting hurt.”

He shared that he had been a little dispirited after filming “Mr. Temporary” due to his dark character. He said that was when he was offered the role in “Good Casting” and the script made him smile a lot. Concerning his character Kang Woo Won, he shared, “I thought he felt a little selfish and bossy on the outside, but he was pure inside.”

Jun continued he focused a lot on the way Kang Woo Won spoke. He explained, “Since he always spoke in a commanding way, I thought a lot about how to seem more demanding and rude. The synchronization rate with me is about 10 percent.”

Jun also mentioned his co-star Yoo In Young. He shared, “I was very sad that I couldn’t meet a lot of the other senior actors in the drama and act with them. I was mostly with Yoo In Young, and I’m very grateful to her. Thanks to her considerate personality, I was able to film in a comfortable environment. Our great chemistry is all thanks to her.”

When asked about how satisfied he is with his acting in “Good Casting,” he said, “It was a pre-production drama, so I watched the completed version later. It’s been a while since I filmed it, so some scenes felt unfamiliar. I was satisfied that Kang Woo Won seemed meaner than I had intended him to be.”

Jun also talked about his growth as an actor. He commented, “Since I want to be good at acting, I enjoy practicing and preparing [for my role], but since acting isn’t my original field of work, I try to pay more attention and do better. Still, I think my ability to analyze characters and scripts has improved a bit after experiencing many works. My ultimate goal for acting is to become an actor who is pure and sincere like a child. If I have a chance, I would like to try strong action.”

Like Rain’s song “Gang,” U-KISS’s song “Shut Up” is rising on the charts again. Concerning that, Jun said, “I had no idea. I’m grateful that many people are listening to it. This has never happened before, so I’m a bit dazed.”

Lastly, he remarked, “My goal is to finish this year healthy and well. Thank you so much to everyone who loved and hated kang Woo Won until the end, and I hope you’ll always be happy for the rest of the year.”

Jun’s next project has been confirmed to be a new fantasy romantic comedy with Song Ha Yoon that will air in October of this year.

In the meantime, watch the finale of “Good Casting”:

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