Watch: IZ*ONE Wins With “Secret Story Of The Swan” On “The Show”; Performances By WJSN, N.Flying, DIA, And More

IZ*ONE has taken home a trophy for “Secret Story of the Swan”!

The songs in the running for first place on “The Show” on June 23 were IZ*ONE’s “Secret Story of the Swan,” N.Flying’s “Oh Really.”, and Weki Meki’s “OOPSY.” IZ*ONE came in first with a total score of 9,030 to Weki Meki’s 2,669 and N.Flying’s 2,339.

Watch their performances and win below!

More performers on this week’s episode included CRAVITY, D1CE, E’LAST, N.Flying, NATURE, DIA, DKB, Mister T, VOISPER, Swan, WJSN, Weki Meki, ONEWE, and Ha Hyun Sang.

Check them out below!

Swan – “I Like U :)”

DKB – “Still”

E’LAST – “Swear”

VOISPER – “The Day”

ONEWE – “End of Spring”

Ha Hyun Sang – “Nostalgia”

Mister T – “Better Man”

CRAVITY – “Cloud 9”

D1CE – “Draw You”

DIA – “Hug U”

Weki Meki – “OOPSY”

WJSN – “Butterfly”

N.Flying – “Oh Really”

Congratulations to IZ*ONE!

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