Soo Ae In Talks For Her First Drama In 4 Years

Actress Soo Ae might be returning to the small screen!

On June 23, a source from the drama industry told Ilgan Sports, “Soo Ae will be playing the lead role in the drama ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ (literal translation).”

The lead role is that of Ha Young Eun, the leader of the design team at a fashion label. She is a cold-hearted realist but is also smart and prioritizes safety above all things. Her biological age is 38, but as a designer at a fashion label, she manages her body and follows the trends in order to maintain a youthful and beautiful appearance. She is clear about reaping the rewards for her own work, and doesn’t waste time getting emotional over men.

Soo Ae’s agency, Huayi Brothers, stated to multiple media outlets, “She has received a casting offer for the drama and is positively reviewing it.”

If Soo Ae accepts, it will be her first TV drama in four years. Her last drama was in 2016 with “Sweet Stranger and Me.”

“Now, We Are Breaking Up” is written by Je In (“Misty“) and directed by Lee Gil Bok (“My Love from the Star“). The drama is still in discussions about broadcast date and details.

Do you want to see Soo Ae take this role?

Check the actress out in her last drama below!

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